Mother’s Day Gift Guide for the Health & Wellness Mom

Doesn’t it feel as though life finally starts to bloom in May? This upbeat energy coincides perfectly with Mother’s Day as an opportunity to show gratitude for the mothers, sisters, daughters and friends who give so much of themselves to improve our lives. We’ve collected a few suggestions from the Dorai Team for Mother’s Day Gifts for the Health and Wellness Mom in your life.

Food & Kitchen

A healthy (but close) second to banana bread, the new RX Banana Chocolate Walnut Flavor has us salivating pre, post or during workouts. We keep a few of these stashed in the car and desk to never let our inner hangry take over.

RX Bar

It seems everyone (and their mom ;) is trying Keto in some form or another. While this diet is not for everyone, for moms experimenting here are 2 favorites recommended by our co-founder Jason and intern Emily, who both dabble in and out of Keto to fuel their lifestyle.  

Keto Bar

Perfect Keto Bar - Not (as) chalky as many Keto bars, won’t stick in your teeth and overall pretty tasty.  

Super Fat

Super Fat - These are perfect for traveling. If you can’t do the usual fatty coffee routine, these offer a great alternative. Plus how lovely is their branding, talk about differentiation, well done!

 best clean, mold free dish rack for mom

If the mom in your life is into cooking or a weekly meal prep routine, the Dorai Dish Rack is an innovative and useful accessory to add to her kitchen collection. This dish rack has plenty of open space for large items and a dedicated place for everything we hand wash. You can pre-order the dish rack at a discount for a limited time on Kickstarter. 

Gear & Lifestyle

Senita is one of our favorite new fitness brands because they offer desired, functional styles without the buyer’s remorse price tag. These 2 bras are perfect for moms in different stages of babies and kids.

Senita Sports Bra

One of the biggest pain points with running is where to put the ever growing phone. You want music, but holding it is a pain - hence the highly functional built in phone-holder sports bra. Running moms will love the ability to get calls and easily stay in the know without the hassle of a floppy carrying case.

New Mom Bra

For the new mom who’s getting back into a fitness routine (or just surviving with a newborn, which can feel like a boot camp), this bra is comfortable, stylish and most import allows for instant breast feeding. FINALLY, companies are starting to make bras that meet the needs of a broader audience of fitness women and we love supporting them.

Travel Bands

Never underestimate the burn one can achieve with resistance bands. This bundle is perfect for at home workouts that require little space and target many overlooked muscles. We love this smaller pack for travel because they won’t tug on the skin (causing irritation), and they include enough variety to hit all areas of different strengths. Perfect for the busy mom trying to fit in a quick strength session.  

Grippy Yoga Socks

For the yoga and pilates lover, this is the gift she didn’t know she needed but will be so grateful you found for her. These grippy slip on socks help to add traction in group classes or solo stretching.

Mom with easy, bath mat, mold free

Active moms have enough laundry, let’s give them one less thing to worry about cleaning. The Dorai Bath Mat is as good at multitasking as she is, by instantly drying it prevents mold and bacteria. Made of sustainable materials, this mat is good for her and Mother Nature.

Tech & Subscriptions

Rest and downtime is as important for achieving wellness as fitness. For the mom who loves to read, the Book of the Month is a curation service that helps eliminate decision fatigue by suggesting 5 books each month and allowing you to pick one.

Book of the Month

Help mom experience a little surprise and delight every month with the Fit Fab Fun subscription. Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love opening a package and the ease of this is perfect for husbands, sons or dads who don’t have a clue where to start.

Fit Fab Fun Box

As a bonus while you’re deciding on the right beauty product for mom or you check out this list of apps created by Bustle to help you play beauty product detective.

Remember, at the end of the day quality time and experiences have been shown to bring more fulfillment than physical gifts. Setting aside time to pamper mom and to be present will be most appreciated on this day! And if all else fails a trip to your local day spa is always a safe bet. Enjoy!



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