Dish Pad + Rack Bundle
Dish Pad + Rack Bundle
Dish Pad + Rack Bundle
Dish Pad + Rack Bundle
Dish Pad + Rack Bundle
Dish Pad + Rack Bundle
Dish Pad + Rack Bundle
Dish Pad + Rack Bundle
Dish Pad + Rack Bundle
Dish Pad + Rack Bundle
Dish Pad + Rack Bundle
Dish Pad + Rack Bundle

Dish Pad + Rack Bundle

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The Dish Pad and Rack bundle is the functional, modern duo for your kitchen.

Collapsible, minimal, and instant-drying, the Dish Pad helps prevent mold, mildew, and bacteria. Rest the Dish Pad Rack on the different sections of your Dish Pad and arrange it to fit your needs. This duo is designed to keep your counters organized and dry.


Dish Pad Rack Dimensions: Length: 14.75 in // 37.46 cm, Width: 5.75 in // 14.60 cm, Height: 8.38 in // 21.29 cm 

Distance Between Slots: .75 in // 1.9 cm

Dish Pad Dimensions: Length: 19.91 in // 50.57 cm, Width 15.21 in // 38.63 cm, Height: .52 in // 1.32 cm 

Dish Pad:

  • Dries instantly, helping prevent mold and mildew
  • Encased in woven mesh silicone to protect your dishes
  • Folds down for easy storage
  • Helps prevent bacteria growth by eliminating the moist environment where mold thrives
  • FDA-tested and food safe
  • Sustainable material made from compressed diatomaceous earth and recycled paper

Dish Pad Rack:

  • 6 slots for drying plates and lids upright
  • 2 knife slots
  • Utensil holder
  • BPA free and FDA food safe tested
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Folds down for easy storage when not in use

Dish Pad Rack

Length: 14.75" Width: 5.75" Height: 8.38"
Distance Between Slots: 0.75"

Dish Pad

Length: 19.91" Width: 15.21" Height: 0.52"

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Meet Your Functional Kitchen Duo

The Dish Pad and Rack Bundle is designed to enhance your drying space and keep your counters organized.

Customer Reviews

Based on 40 reviews

Dish Pad + Rack Bundle

In between

The product would be much improved without the plastic in between the folds. It holds water which is in conflict with the products mission

Dish rack and mat and customer support exceeded expectations

I coveted this when I first saw it, but was ambivalent about pulling the trigger due to the cost. Then I over bought - I purchased both the dish rack/mat AND the dog mat and bowl but had buyer’s remorse - products are unreturnable and I worried, what if this didn't meet expectations? That put customer support to the test, and they were fabulous - they modified my order so I'd just get the dish mat/rack, and they also helped resolve a delivery issue. Finally, … drumroll please … I got the package and boy, it’s just perfect.

The rack seemed like it might have been too small but turns out, I don’t need all that much of that kind of space every day. I didn’t realize the rack had knife slots on top - that’s brilliant! It’s protective of knives and hands. And I also didn’t realize how often I didn’t need a full sized mat. I’m regularly folding the mat into thirds and using it just under the rack. And, this is all besides the touted benefits of a mat dries quickly so there's no more ick, and the fact that it matches the clean, neutral beauty of the rest of my simple but clean, neutral beautiful kitchen and home.

All in all, the item and the experience exceeded expectations (and I'd add that it's packaged in as compact and protective packaging possible, which I also appreciated).

Love it!

This is so much better than anything I've had in the past, and it looks GREAT.

Love love love

Love all of the Dorai products. The bath mats, the drying rack are so aesthetically pleasing and functional! Totally worth the money.

FAQs & Support

In the event that your mat gets stained, it can be cleaned in two ways. For light stains or scuffs, use the included sand paper to gently rub off any marks. We recommend doing this in a well ventilated area. For more extreme stains, small amounts of bleach or hydrogen peroxide will do the trick. You can view our full Care and Cleaning guide here.

We offer FREE product replacements for:

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  • 50% Off Full-Price Replacement Purchase
    Product Cracks or Molds after 1 year - 18 months of purchasing.
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    Product Cracks or Molds after 18 months of purchasing.
  • Rust-free replacement up to 1 Year after purchase.