Cup Holders for the Dish Rack
Cup Holders for the Dish Rack
Cup Holders for the Dish Rack
Cup Holders for the Dish Rack

Cup Holders for the Dish Rack

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Some items are better hand dried, such as wine glasses, water bottles, baby bottles, and plastics. The Cup Holders hook securely onto the side of the Dorai Dish Rack and allow for up to 4 bottles to dry at once (on each side). Water drips from the glass onto the instant-drying Diomat base, keeping your glasses and bottles protected and ready for use. The rubber cap provides the right amount of grip and cushion for bottles and glasses of all kinds. 

This pack includes 2 sets of cup holders designed to each hold 2 cups (4 cups total). 

  • Eco-friendly, non-toxic, and long-lasting materials. 
  • Dorai products are made from instant-drying Diomat (our sustainable combination of Diatomaceous Earth and recycled paper) that causes water to instantly dissipate.
  • Helps prevent bacteria growth, by eliminating the moist environment where mold thrives. 
  • Functional design created for the modern home.

Cleaning Instructions: In the case that your stone gets stained, it can be cleaned in two ways. For light stains or scuffs use the included sanding tool to gently rub off any marks. For more extreme stains, small amounts of bleach or hydrogen peroxide will do the trick.

Why Get the Dish Rack?

Made from Algae

Dorai Home items are made from compressed Diatomaceous Earth and recycled paper.


Diatomaceous Earth holds up to 150% of its weight in moisture and evaporates in seconds.

Eco-Chic Design

Thoughtfully made for hand-washed dishes from high-quality sustainable materials.

Old Dish Racks are Outdated & Moldy

Old dish racks breed bacteria and aren't designed for the modern dish.

Meet the Modern Dish Rack

Stop using old wire baskets or moldy plastic bins. The Dorai Dish Rack is the modern way to dry hand-washed dishes.

Customer Reviews

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Mildew days are over

Tired... or rather, exhausted in my monthly efforts to resuscitate my ancient (well 4 yrs in today’s climate seems ancient right?!) dish rack’s attempt to wear every bit of mildew and hard water spots like a tattoo. I surrendered and began searching for a dish rack that wouldn’t have me include it on my long list of chores. In walks the Dorai Dish Rack and my life has been forever changed. Permanently removing a chore surely seems victorious (to me). I’m grateful the Dorai team thought this was a problem worth solving!
Esthetically this robust rack doesn’t deflect and demand attention, rather it durably but simply awaits while the thirsty diatomaceous mat soaks up a good drink. My cast-iron cookware doesn’t even make the scaffolding flinch. Thanks to the Dorai Dish Rack, I’m looking forward to spending my hours in other ways.

Improved cup holders

These seem to hold up better than the original.

Excellent product

It’s a great addition to your dish rack, as it allows more space for cups! Sturdy and well made.

Love my dish drying rack

I am not using the knife addition and got an additional cup holder and I just love this dish rack. Works out great


Cup Holders for the Dorai Dish Rack