Bath Stone™ Description

Includes 1 Dorai Stone Bath Mat in the color of your choice. Similar to a natural stone, this ceramic-like material holds firm under feet. Includes a rubberized bottom pad to prevent slipping and allow for 360-degree drying.

Cleaning Instructions: In the case that your stone gets stained, it can be cleaned in two ways. For light stains or scuffs use the included sanding tool to gently rub off any marks. For more extreme stains, small amounts of bleach or hydrogen peroxide will do the trick.

Dorai Diomat utilizes rapid drying that dissipates moisture and helps to prevent mold. However mold is a pesky invader, while Dorai's Diomat can hold up to 150% of its weight in water, it needs adequate airflow to rapidly dry. If your Dorai products are constantly saturated and not able to properly dry out, they can eventually grow mold (at a much slower rate than traditional products). To prevent this be sure your products are slightly elevated from the surface (by using the non-slip pad included in the Bath Stone™ , and let them fully dry out between uses. When overly saturated, prop them up against a wall and when they return to their original light color they are ready to go.