Holiday Shipping Updates

The waiting game is no fun and we know you’re very eager to get your Dorai order! We promise we’ve been doing everything within our control to keep products in-stock and shipped out quickly during this wild year for all retailers, especially small e-commerce businesses. Due to significantly higher port congestion because of COVID, online sales growth, and limited transportation options many of the products we were scheduled to receive in mid-November are arriving just this week. It’s been incredibly stressful and frustrating to plan inventory for our biggest sale season and follow the proper steps to secure it, only to have it be delayed by factors beyond our control. 

We want to deliver the best experience possible, and understand many of the items you ordered are intended for gifts. We have a few strategies for how best to accommodate this as a small business in 2020. You’ll likely be receiving a partial shipment notification in the next few days for in-stock items, and pre-ordered items will be shipped separately. 

Current Shipping Schedule (as of Dec 14)

Dorai Holiday Shipping Schedule


Holiday Shipping Strategy

  1. As of last week, we started splitting shipments to send customers the items we have in-stock: Dish Racks, Accessories, Dish Pads and Bora Bora Blue Bath Stones. 
  2. Sandstone Bath Stones and Coasters are on the way to Utah and if we don’t experience any unforeseeable delays, we will be shipping these out PRIORITY (at no added cost to customers) Dec 19 - 22. It’s cutting it close, but we’re hoping we can get them to your doorstep by Christmas Eve with this contingency plan. 
  3. Sadly (and very frustratingly) our Sink Caddies are stuck in the cargo gridlock and are awaiting transportation to Utah. We follow up on this daily and will send an update as soon as we have more info. As of now, it’s looking as though they will be shipping in late December and early January. 

We know this is not ideal. It’s been very disappointing to Jason and I, as we genuinely care about your customer experience. We are hoping that by absorbing the added cost of splitting orders and upgrading to priority shipping we can still get you some of your Dorai products within the next 10 days. 

Thanks for your patience and understanding as we all do our best to navigate the downstream supply chain challenges of 2020 and the global pandemic. If you have any questions, please email us at 

Happy Holidays, 

Kelsey & Jason