How To Beat The Winter Blues: 10 Tips That Work!

10 tips to combat the winter blues

Is anyone else feeling the need for extra mood-boosting tactics lately? As you head back to work after the holidays and prepare for further winter months ahead, it's normal to feel a dip in energy and an increase in general discontent. 

So, how do you get through the winter blues? In this article, we thought we'd share a few of our go-to self care tips to get through this time of year.

Venture Outdoors

During the winter months, it can be tempting to only leave the house when needed and enjoy the warmth of the indoors. But staying indoors 24/7 isn’t how to deal with the winter blues. Find a time to get outside daily with a simple walk around the neighborhood or bundle up for a fun outdoor activity like snowshoeing or skiing.

Get Creative

With all the time spent indoors, one of the best ways to beat the winter blues is by getting creative! We’re all guilty of buying beautiful cookbooks and never using them, so choose a new recipe and get cooking. We also love finding joy in creative pastimes like creating a mood board for your next year ahead or playing with watercolors.

Stick to a Sleep Routine

Shorter days usually mean more time spent in bed. It can be challenging to stick to a morning routine you once had in the summer months when it’s now dark when you wake up. When it comes to beating the winter blues, find things that get you excited to go to bed at night and wake up on time. We love this linen spray that helps us look forward to crawling into bed at night and this Chai Superlatte that helps us get going in the morning with a caffeine crash.

Move Your Body

Finding the energy to get moving can be one of the most challenging parts of winter. But doing so is one of the easiest and quickest ways to beat the winter blues. If hitting up the gym isn’t your thing, try something that can be done around your house. Try out an online pilates video in your living room (pro tip: do your workout in front of a free-standing heater with a fun playlist for added ambiance) or go on a walk to your local coffee shop.

Embrace the Art of Hygge 

Embracing the art of “Hygge” might just be one of our favorite methods for beating the winter blues.. Hygge is defined as a quality of coziness and enjoying life's quieter pleasures. Some easy tips to achieve this are as simple as adding cozy textures to your space (like a new throw blanket), lighting a candle, or turning off your overhead lighting and opting for warm toned lamp light.

Take Time Away from Screens

It’s so tempting to spend time cuddled in front of your tv watching a movie marathon or mindlessly scrolling Instagram dreaming of a warm vacation. Unfortunately, when done too often, this screen time can leave you feeling drained of energy and unfulfilled. 

When thinking about how to beat the winter blues, challenge yourself to set down your phone and do something relaxing that isn’t screen related. Play board games with friends or family, start a puzzle (we love this one), or take a hot bath.

Light Therapy

Let’s be honest, most of us are not getting enough Vitamin D this time of year. A simple Light Therapy Lamp is the perfect accessory to keep at your desk for beating the winter blues and boosting Vitamin D. We especially love sitting in front of our lamp (12-14 inches away) first thing in the morning for 30 minutes while we create our daily to-do list.

Try Something New

Though certain routines are great to keep during the winter months, it’s also essential to breathe new life into your day-to-day schedule. When thinking about how to beat the winter blues, challenge yourself to do something you’ve had saved on your Pinterest boards for years. Some of our favorites include finally jumping on the trend and learning how to make bread at home, trying out a home makeover DIY, and learning how to sew.

Spend Time with Those You Love 

It can be easy to hunker down and isolate yourself when the winter blues kick in. Many of the tips listed above are the perfect gateway to inviting friends or family to join in on the fun. Plan a weekly walk with a friend to get coffee, host a dinner party and try out a new recipe, or plan a wine & paint night to get creative.

Ask for Help

When all is said and done, mental health isn’t always as simple as getting enough sleep or exercising. When it comes to beating the winter blues, don’t be afraid to ask for help. If you’re experiencing signs of seasonal depression, anxiety, or overwhelm, the best time to ask for proper help and resources is now. Talk with your friends or family about how you’re feeling. If needed, therapy is a great option to talk about what you’re experiencing so you can receive professional help.

How to Stop Feeling Tired in Winter

Beating winter blues is all about taking the simple tips shared in this article. Get outside, get creative, and keep moving - a quick walk or a dance around the living room does wonders. Make your space cozy through the art of Hygge. 

Stick to a sleep routine, take time off from screens, and try using a light therapy lamp on those especially dark mornings. Don’t be afraid to challenge yourself by trying something new, either. 

But most importantly, talk to someone if you’re feeling the winter blues. Together, these tips can help keep your spirits high during this time of year.

10 Tips to Combat the Winter Blues

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