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A Dish Pad that Helps Prevent Mold

The first instant-drying dish pad made of Diatomaceous Earth!

An Instant Drying Bath Mat

The Chic, Eco-Friendly Dorai Bath Stone Helps to Prevent Molds

Eco-chic solutions designed to help prevent mold.

Have the best of design and functionality with our sophisticated products built with sustainable, eco-friendly materials.

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Kitchen essentials that are modern and instant-drying.

Our Diomat technology rapidly dries itself, helping keep your kitchen clean with sophisticated  style.

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Why Dorai?

Instantly evaporates water in seconds.

Natural material that prevents bacteria growth. 

100% compostable, hyper-absorbent cleaning power.


These are the most functional coasters I’ve ever used. Water is actually getting absorbed and dissipating. I’ve been using them for my soap dispensers next to the sink as well. Love how clean and dry they are keeping my countertops!

I love seeing the water drying after showering. Even better that I never have to wash them. I use them in my house and on our back patio near the lake. Easy and durable option. 

I was a bit surprised that it wasn't a spongy mat and was more of a firm solid base. After using it for a few weeks I love it! Best part for me is that my feet are dry after standing on my Dorai which makes me more confident stepping on our tile floors. Feels good on my feet, less slippery when I step on my tiles, and it looks great... little work of art.