About Dorai

Our Mission

We have become accustomed to home products that sacrifice either functionality or style.  Dorai Home offers the best of both worlds, combining chic, sophisticated design with sustainable, eco-friendly materials.

Dorai products are made from Diomat (diatomaceous earth), an organic material that expels moisture as it hits the surface, helping prevent mold in the damp spaces of your home.

Created by designers and problem solvers with an aversion to dirty environments, Dorai helps homes stay cleaner with natural, stylish solutions.  

We're the founders Jason & Kelsey

Compromising your health should never be an option, yet the home is full of bacteria-rich houseware that creates a toxic environment. While technology has dramatically changed our lives since 1950, many of our household products still look, function, and cause the same problems our grandmothers experienced.

Jason and Kelsey, a couple devoted to a natural, stress-free lifestyle, knew they could no longer settle for subpar home solutions that haven’t been updated in decades. Jason, an innovative problem-solver with an extensive background in product design, was intrigued when he discovered the properties of Diatomaceous Earth. Kelsey, a brand strategy expert passionate about easy-to-use, high-quality solutions, began researching this remarkable material and was blown away by its capabilities. Their journey of bringing healthy, sustainable, and chic products to the home began.

Our Story

2018 | Started with a magical mat

In 2018 after conducting research, designing, and building initial prototypes the Dorai Bath Stone™  was born. The concept swiftly drew support, captivating the attention of many craving sophisticated, natural alternatives to household products. Further, people were fascinated by the bath mat’s capability to expel moisture rapidly on its own!

Jason and Kelsey raised nearly $70,000 on their first Kickstarter campaign. Production began in October 2018, less than one year from the inception of the original idea.

2018-2019 | Successful Kickstarters

Kelsey and Jason’s dynamic and much-needed vision extended from the bathroom to the kitchen. After the success of the Dorai Bath Stone™, the team debuted a set of nature-inspired River Rock coasters. In 2019 they launched the Dorai Kitchen Collection that reinvented home staples like the dish rack and dish pad.

2019 | Growing the Kitchen Collection

These innovative kitchen and bathroom products demonstrated how thoughtful design can be paired with superior, eco-friendly materials to rethink the everyday items in our homes. This collection was rounded out with the understated customer favorite, the Sink Caddy.

2020 | Gaining Traction

The small and nimble team navigated the 2020 climate and tried to keep up with demand while many are spending more time than ever at home. The Dorai Bath Stone™ sold out more than 6x! The Dorai Dish Pad quickly became a customer favorite and the Dish Rack was praised as a game changer. Dorai was organically discovered by multiple publications including Well + Good, Domino, Apartment Therapy, Forbes, and Healthline.

2021 | Dorai for the whole home

3 years from its inception, Dorai Home is thriving and actively developing more eco-chic, instant-drying products for the entire home. Kelsey and Jason continue to explore their passions of wellness, sustainability, and design as they cultivate Dorai solutions for all (including their beloved fur children).

Ready for a cleaner tomorrow?