Care & Cleaning

Just like nature, Dorai® products thrive with a little TLC.

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Care & Cleaning

Given the porous material, there is a risk of staining with dirt or darker liquids. If you spill on your product, first, try to dab up any excess liquid before it’s absorbed.

For mild stains or scuffs, get your product damp and use the included sanding paper (150 grit or similar) to gently ‘wet sand’ off any marks. We recommend sanding in a well-ventilated area. For more extreme stains, apply a small amount of your favorite natural cleaner or hydrogen peroxide and lightly scrub.

To help prevent mold growth in humid climates, ensure the product is slightly elevated from the surface and allow it to fully dry out between uses.

Your Dorai Product can hold up to 150% of its weight in water, but it needs adequate airflow to rapidly dry. When the product becomes overly saturated, prop it up against a wall and when it returns to the original light color, it’s ready to use again.

Want to learn more about cleaning your Dorai products?

View our short video guides for specific cleaning tips by product.

FAQs & Support

Diatomaceous earth, or grass of the sea, is a naturally occurring mineral that is made from the fossilized remains of tiny aquatic organisms. You can learn more about our instant-drying technology on the How it Works page.

Diatomaceous Earth is antimicrobial by its physical properties not through the use of any chemicals or toxins. In its raw state, the material attracts and binds bacteria and parasites, causing them to dry out and die.

When compressed into boards it still rapidly evaporates to help prevent mold but doesn't hold the same antimicrobial properties as the raw material.

In the event that your mat gets stained, it can be cleaned in two ways. For light stains or scuffs, use the included sand paper to gently rub off any marks. We recommend doing this in a well ventilated area. For more extreme stains, small amounts of bleach or hydrogen peroxide will do the trick.

Diatomaceous Earth is a white algae substance that is broken down into small pieces, so white spots occur naturally in the production process. Some larger pieces remain during this process. We hope you appreciate the natural substances and understand that some white algae pieces will remain visible on the dark surface.

We're glad you asked, we hope this is the last bath mat you ever need to buy.

Dorai Bath Stones are meant to be durable, but on rare occasions, they can break with enough force or weight. To prevent this we advise always having the foam pad in place between the floor and the mat.

We offer FREE product replacements for:

  • Bowed or warped products within 1 year of purchasing,
  • Product Cracks or Molds within 90 days of purchasing,
  • Product Cracks or Molds over 91 days - 1 year of purchasing
    *Shipping paid by the customer

50% Off Full-Price Replacement Purchase
Product Cracks or Molds after 1 year - 18 months of purchasing.

20% Off Full-Price Replacement Purchase
Product Cracks or Molds after 18 months of purchasing.

Rust-free replacement up to 1 Year after purchase.


For all Warehouse Sale Purchases:

As a quick reminder, any products purchased during our bi-annual warehouse sale were sold at a deep discount and are not eligible for returns, exchanges, or refunds. Once your product has shipped from our warehouse and arrived at your home, we're not able to process returns on sale items.

Here's what you can expect:

Bath Stones / Dish Pads / Coasters / Sink Caddies / Dog Bowls + Stone Base: Open box product that has been inspected to be in 'like new' condition. There's a small possibility of faint scuffs and light marks. Final sale, no refunds or returns.

Dish Rack: Open box product that has been inspected to be in 'like new' condition. There's a small possibility of rust within humid environments with prolonged water exposure. Our rust-free guarantee does not apply to warehouse sale items. Final sale, no refunds or returns.

For questions on our warranty policy or to claim a warranty for a product you have ordered, please contact our customer service team at