Care & Cleaning

Just like nature, Dorai® products thrive with a little TLC.

Daily Care & Preventing Stains

Given the porous material, there is a risk of staining with dirt or darker liquids. If you spill on your product, first, try to dab up any excess liquid before it’s absorbed.

For mild stains or scuffs, get your product damp and use the included sanding paper (150 grit or similar) to gently ‘wet sand’ off any marks. We recommend sanding in a well-ventilated area. For more extreme stains, apply a small amount of your favorite natural cleaner or hydrogen peroxide and lightly scrub.

Prolonged Saturation & Adequate Airflow

Dorai products are more mold resistant than other products on the market, but mold is a pesky invader and with prolonged saturation and humidity, there is a small chance that mold can grow.

To help prevent mold growth in humid climates, ensure the product is slightly elevated from the surface and allow it to fully dry out between uses.

Your Dorai Product can hold up to 150% of its weight in water, but it needs adequate airflow to rapidly dry. When the product becomes overly saturated, prop it up against a wall and when it returns to the original light color, it’s ready to use again.

Care and Cleaning in Action

Want to learn more about cleaning your Dorai products? View our short video guides for specific cleaning tips by product.