4 Unique Ways to Use the Dorai Bath Stone this Fall

4 Unique Ways to Use the Dorai Bath Stone this Fall

Here at Dorai, we are all about products that are both functional and versatile. Why invest in a product if you can’t use it frequently in your day-to-day life? Our first product at Dorai was the Dorai Bath Stone which launched on Kickstarter and had immediate success. Our chic bath mat, or stone as we like to call it, dries instantly under your feet! Unlike traditional bath mats that absorb moisture and generate bacteria, the Bath Stone™ mat is designed to instantly remove water, actually helping prevent mold. Below are our tips to help prevent mold in your bathroom and home.

Turns out, the Bath Stone isn’t just for the bath. With the change of seasons comes cold weather and muddy boots. Luckily, our Bath Stone is perfect for the change of seasons and preventing puddles around your house. Today we’re sharing 4 unique ways to use the Dorai Bath Stone this Fall.


In the Kitchen

Picture this: You’re having family and friends over for the holidays and with that comes loads of delicate dishes to be hand washed. With hand washing dishes comes wet towels, a mess on the counter, and puddles on the floor. Thankfully our Dish Pad takes care of the first two problems. To help keep your kitchen floors puddle-free, we love using the Dorai Bath Stone to absorb water. Place the stone below your kitchen sink and watch as it keeps your floors clear of water from wet dishes and excess water from freshly washed hands.

Dorai Bath Stone Mat in kitchen

Watering Indoor Plants

The weather is cooling down which means plants on the porch that have been enjoying the summer sun need to make their way inside. Indoor plants are a cute addition to your home until excess water from watering ruins your floors. Protect your hardwood floors by placing the bath stone under your plants while watering. The perfect protective layer + creates an intentional spot for your plant.

The Mudroom

There is nothing cozier than the first snow or light rain in the fall. Unfortunately, these changes in weather bring unwelcomed muddy footprints throughout your home. Add a Bath Stone to your mudroom or front entrance to create an intentional spot for shoes and boots. This addition will help protect your floors from wet boots and assist your shoes in drying quicker so they can be put away.

Boots on Dorai Bath Stone Mat


During Spa Time 

With the change of temperature comes a change in our bodies. Say hello to dry air and cracked skin. To help prevent dryness, we love spending some extra time in our saunas or spa. One of our favorite unique ways to use the Bath Stone is in front of our spa. It adds an elevated appearance to your home spa set up and prevents puddles.

Dorai Bath Stone Mat in front of shower

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