5 Things We’re Loving this May

In case you missed it, this week's newsletter talked about some fun life updates (including FINALLY getting married in Maui after 2 postponements) and 5 things we are loving this May! We truly enjoy connecting with Dorai customers and followers, and have a hunch you'll enjoy many of the same monthly favorites. We love bringing you along in our journey of all things health, wellness, and design. 

Coola Sunscreen

This lotion touts all the safe reef-safe, lesser evil benefits as many of the other natural options while going on smoothly and moisturizing skin. We used this almost exclusively during our trip to Hawaii after the other options left us looking purple under a thick layer of white film. 


Whoop Strap

You know Kelsey is a big data nerd and loves watching trends in recovery, stress, and sleep. It’s not bothersome to wear at night and gives useful data along with tips to improve your sleep and recovery.  


Lululemon Belt Bag

Lululemon Everywhere Belt Bag

This was the best accessory for traveling and made it super convenient to easily access your wallet, mask, keys, and hand sanitizer, what more could you need? There was no situation where this modern fanny pack was not an appropriate alternative to a purse. 


Squirrel Buster Bird Feeder

Nothing sounds more like spring than waking up to birds chirping in the backyard. Our swanky new bird feeder was a gift from a friend and we’re excited to see the birds it attracts over the next few weeks.   


Plant-Based Queso

Trust us, it’s amazing and can go on so many different meals. As we’ve shared before, we’re taking small steps towards a more flexitarian lifestyle to reduce our animal product intake. These alternatives taste delicious and have impressive ingredient lists. Stock up asap on 2 of our faves, The Honest Stand Nacho Dip and Siete Foods Cashew Queso.