8 Simple Home Organization Tips with Jen Martin of Reset Your Nest

Outside the leaves are changing and the air is getting crisp which means we’re prepping our house for all things cozy. With less time spent in the backyard and more time spent in the living room, we’re taking a step back to organize our indoor spaces. It’s time to put away the swimsuits and find orderly bliss with helpful tips to organize your kitchen and bathroom. 

Today we’re turning to Utah-based professional home organizer, Jen Martin of Reset Your Nest, for advice to help organize your home for the upcoming fall season.

Dorai: Give us a brief background about yourself and how you got started in home organizing?

Jen:  I have always been an organizer. I would routinely organize every area of my home (and others' homes) even as a child. After having 4 kids and fully appreciating the value of organization in a busy household, I decided I wanted to share my gift and passion with others. That was the beginning of Reset Your Nest.


Dorai: How do you usually work with clients? 

Jen: I love my clients. We consult virtually on their space, talk about what their hopes are, and schedule a date for the Reset Your Nest team to tackle their project. On the day of the project, we show up with an insane amount of product (like imagine a mini-container store on wheels showing up to your house) and get to work sorting, cleaning, designing, containing, labeling, and creating systems that will last.  We work very closely with our clients to ensure that the spaces are customized to their needs.


Dorai: What have been some of your favorite organization projects? 

Jen: All of them. Truly. Sometimes I dread garages and then at the end the transformation is so great and the client is so happy, it makes me change my attitude. However, pantries always have been and probably will be my favorite space to organize. I love the design elements I am able to incorporate and how function and beauty can come together to create magic.

Laundry room organized with containers

Dorai: Do you have any products you recommend for helping with organization and/or smarter storage in the bathroom where space is limited?

Jen: Yes! Lots! I love storage that stacks for under-the-sink spaces, also containers that are deep and can reach to the back of a cabinet are my favorite. If a bathroom is particularly small, I recommend floating shelves with beautiful storage. My number one tip is to only keep what you are actually USING in your small space. Store surplus and backstock items elsewhere.


Dorai: Home organization can feel overwhelming at the start, what are 3 simple tips to help with ongoing home organization?


  1. Start with the smallest, easiest space first. Even when tackling big projects, I choose the easiest tasks to tackle at the beginning (like decanting cereal or creating a snack basket).
  2. Edit edit edit. Once you take everything out of a space and sort it, make sure you are paring down the items and only putting back what you actually USE and LOVE.
  3. LABELS. Labels make all the difference. And they can be beautiful!


Closet organization

Dorai: We make products for the kitchen, a space this is routinely tough to keep organized. What are 5 tips for organizing your pantry?


  1. Measure your space beforehand (especially the depth) and get lots of products that will maximize the space.
  2. Empty EVERYTHING out, toss anything expired or not being eaten, and sort items by category.
  3. Design your pantry with product and map out where your zones will ideally go.
  4. Contain product into the appropriate containers. 
  5. Label!


Dorai: How can our audience get in touch with you to help get their space more organized?  

Jen: You can always find me on Instagram @reset_your_nest or schedule a free virtual consultation at www.resetyournest.com


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