A Minimalist's Guide to Using Color in Your Home With Interior Designer Bree Lindhart

A Minimalists Guide to Using Color in your Home with Interior Designer Bree Lindhart

Here at Dorai, we love a neutral color scheme. In addition, minimalist and monochromatic design trends aren’t going anywhere soon. However, sometimes this style can lead to a missed opportunity to add texture and excitement to a space. Embracing color can be daunting when you classically reach for neutral hues. That’s why this month, we sat down with Bree of Crotty Collaborative Design Group to ask her all about adding color to your home, no matter your comfort level.

Read on to learn more about Bree’s career journey, her guide to using color, and some of her fundamental design tips.


Q: Give us a brief background about yourself and how you got your start in interior design.

Bree: Hey! My name is Bree I’m an interior designer in Utah, but work on projects all over the world. I got my start in design 7 years ago when I walked into Root’d on Main Street in Park City… and my amazing boss/company founder, Melissa Crotty hired me on the spot.

A Minimalists Guide to Using Color in your Home with Interior Designer Bree Lindhart

Q: How do you work with clients?

Bree: Here at Crotty Collaborative Design Group, we work closely with our clients on all types of projects. We put a lot of emphasis on collaboration and want our clients to be as involved in the design process as they want to be. We offer a wide range of design services. Something as simple as picking out a sofa fabric to designing a full home build and anything in between. 


Q: How do you like to use color when designing?

Bree: For me, the more color the better! Color can instantly change a room. I use color a lot via paint, tile, and wallpaper applications.


Q: What are 3 foolproof tips when adding touches of color to a space? 


  1. Paint is your best friend! 
  2. A little color goes a long way. I love adding color with accessories or art. 
  3. Lighting! Lighting is going to affect each space and coloring differently. A cabinet color you love in one home is not necessarily going to translate the same in yours, so always get samples.


Q: What advice would you give to someone who are afraid of using color in their space?

Bree:  Start with earth tones and greenery, bring in small colored accents, and use different textures! Along with color, textures add character to any space.


Q: What are 3 tips to add color or new life to a space while on a budget? 


  1. Frame and hang up art prints.
  2. Paint your walls. 
  3. Switch out rugs and pillows.
A Minimalists Guide to Using Color in your Home with Interior Designer Bree Lindhart

Q: In your opinion, what are the fundamentals of designing a space that everyone should know?

Bree: Space and functionality should come before aesthetic. Make sure to use appropriate balance and proportions between objects and color schemes (always measure! And again, get samples when you can!). And DETAILS! Don’t skimp on the details, they make the design.


Q: If someone wants to work with you, what would be the best place to contact you or find out more?

Bree: Check out our portfolio at https://ccdginteriors.com or call into our office 435-214-7791.


Photography: Malissa Mabey

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