5 Bathroom Design Cheat Sheets: Simple Ways to Create a Modern, Traditional or Eclectic Look in Your Bathroom

In the mood to revamp your bathroom? Us too, but we’re not in the mood for a major bathroom renovation. Whether you don’t have the budget, the energy, or the time, sometimes you need an interior design refresh to create a sanctuary in your home! We reached out to some of our favorite interior designers and asked how they would redesign a client’s bathroom without ripping apart your tile or performing any major transformations.

We’ve been taking notes and swooning over a few of our favorite interior designers to create a set of implementable ‘bathroom design cheat sheets’ for every style. Keep reading to find out how you can quickly upgrade your modern, traditional, transitional, industrial, and eclectic bathrooms!

Modern Bathroom


Design by Eye for Pretty, The Stables

 While we’re in the camp of bathroom decor enthusiasts, we turn to the interior design experts to help us create chic, cohesive and functional spaces. Fortunately, we've had the chance to speak with modern design experts in our previous blog posts and have a solid grasp of this style. Here's what we would include in our own modern bathrooms:

  • Black towel hooks are simple and chic, with a modern black finish. Easy to install and effective! 
  • Aesop Soap Dispensers Dorai Sink Caddy. Branding is everything, especially in a smaller space like a bathroom! Make a statement with minimalist soap and our trusted caddy.
  • Break up neutral tones with a green plant. Try fiddle leaf figs, bromeliads, Madagascar dragon trees, or succulents for your modern space! 
  • A Dorai Bath Stone as a modern take instead of the shag carpet bath mat. 
  • Side table to place next to the bath. Throw a plant on it!


Traditional Bathroom

If you want to dive more into bathroom design check out our interview with Crea of Hampton Rowe Design! We love this quote from her interview, “Why can't your home feel like a luxury resort or spa all the time? Are you worried about the practicality of a piece or you think 'people just don't live like that'. That doesn't have to be the case when you consider quality and functionality through the entire design.” We’re so inspired by this approach to living and decorating the home.

Here are some quick must-haves:

  • Wood stool for towels, candles, or to bring a little warmth to the space.
  • A woven basket to hold fresh towels within reach. 
  • Swap basic hardware out for richer tones. 
  • Try a Bath Stone with rounded corners that soften the room. 
  • A pretty shower curtain is an inexpensive way to introduce subtle patterns seasonally. 



Transitional Bathroom


Design by Studio McGee, House of Jade

Erin Morgan from House of Jade Interiors recommends adding a good piece of art to introduce some color, a coordinating patterned hand towel, and a live plant to bring some life to the space. Here are our top picks:



Industrial Bathroom


Photos/design by Marca CoronaWest One Bathrooms Ltd.

Utilize raw and rustic texture here! While you might not incorporate a lot of colors or decor, you don't want to skimp on the materials used. Update things like the shelving, hardware, and toilet paper holders to have a more minimal, yet high-quality feel!

  • Floating metal shelves to increase storage without adding clutter.
  • Matte black handles as a minimal option for easy access to drawers and cabinets. 
  • A detached toilet paper holder is both elegant and practical if you have unforgiving textured walls. 
  • This trash can has a raw, unfinished, industrial feel that we love!
  • Dorai Coasters introduce an organic element that works well for anyone who drinks coffee as they get ready in the morning, or unwinds in the bath with a glass of wine at the end of the day.



Eclectic Bathroom

eclectic bathroom design inspo

Design by Jenna Sue DesignEmily Netz

For those who like to include more color and character in our spaces, we talked to  Sandee from Ellee Home, who tells us: “For an eclectic bathroom on a budget, I would definitely include a few key items to make the room pop: plants, paint, meaningful artwork, and Decanted bottles for your everyday items!

  • A vintage rug, our suggestion is to try Etsy or Facebook Marketplace. 
  • Pair a Dorai Sink Caddy with colorful soap dispensers!
  • Make a statement with your greenery by adding a colorful hanging planter. 
  • A bathtub caddy to hold your books, drinks, and even snacks so your arms can relax while you bathe in luxury. 
  • Vinyl tile stickers are a perfect enhancement for those who aren't ready to commit to painting but want to give the walls some personality.



Making an impact in your bathroom doesn't require ripping out the countertops, sometimes it's all about the design accessories and decor. Are there any additional bathroom styles you'd like to see broken out into a design cheat sheet? 


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