Dorai Dish Rack Update: It's Almost Here!

Dorai Dish Rack Update: It's Almost Here!

Antsy to get your Dish Rack? We apologize for the delays and we're doing everything we can on our side to speed things up. The Dish Racks have passed quality control (the final step) and will ship out in early September.
We understand it's frustrating to hear the Dish Racks are not shipping as soon as we'd hoped. We've been working with timelines provided by our manufacturing partner and COVID-19 has created supply chain challenges all around. The inventory is on track to arrive in Utah in the next 3-4 weeks. If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at

Dorai Dish Rack

Timeline Summary

Jason and our supply chain partners have been communicating with the manufacturing team daily to get detailed production reports. Despite placing our Dish Rack order in February, we experienced a few key delays that were beyond our control including: 

  • COVID-19 (need we say more?).
  • Larger retailers placing massive orders after ours that got prioritized due to contractual manufacturing agreements, bumping us back a few weeks.
  • The powder coating machine required repairs before our racks could be fully coated, causing an extra 2-week delay.
  • Enhanced QC processes that exceed most companies to ensure our quality standards are met and add a few more days
  • Dish Racks passed QC and are arriving in Utah in late August.

Dorai Dish Rack

Product Iteration to the Dish Rack

  • Extended the Diatomaceous Earth base out 1/2" on each side to better capture dripping under the cup holder. 
  • Applied a thicker powder coat and a new plating process. 
  • Added more material to the side of the utensil holder to keep smaller items from falling out. 
  • Added the option to purchase an extra crossbar. 

We so appreciate your patience through this and are doing our best to build more depth in our supply chain to prevent delays such as these in the future. Your pre-orders help! 

If you have any further questions or concerns, as always, please feel free to email We’ll be sending an update in late August once they arrive! Thanks for your continued trust and support.


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