Dorai Kitchen Products are Here! What’s going on with your order?

Dorai Kitchen Products are Here! What’s going on with your order?

Hallelujah, the kitchen products are here! 

There are so many logistics that go on behind the scenes. It's a huge sigh of relief when the container arrives with sparkling new products inside.  

Dorai Dish Pad

Shipping Schedule: 

We assure you, we are working around the clock, including our fulfillment center to get your order shipped out as quickly as possible. As of now, we are on track to get all previous orders from Kickstarter, Indiegogo, and our website (placed before 12/17) shipped out by the end of this week. 

Dish Pad - Orders consisting of just Dish Pads and/or Sink Caddies started shipping on 12/13. 

Dish Rack - Our container arrived and products were inspected yesterday. Dish Racks orders will begin shipping today, Dec 18, and continue until December 24. 

There have been a lot of inquiries and we’re a small team. We’re doing our best to get back to everyone from Kickstarter, Indiegogo, and our website in a prompt timeframe. Please be patient as we aspire to be transparent in our communications.

What’s going on with my Dish Rack order? Email us if you need a new confirmation link!

Dorai Dish Rack

Most likely, your order is being packed or is in transit to be delivered to you. In a rush to get everything on the website for the holidays we had a minor case of numbers dyslexia and swapped 2 SKU numbers, mea culpa. DO NOT WORRY, the team worked into the wee hours for 2 days to check every order manually and get it corrected. Phew - and thanks Klugonyx team!  

What this means for your Dish Rack order: 

If you ordered a Dish Rack, your previous order has been updated to have the proper SKU. You may discover that your old order number has been canceled, DON’T BE ALARMED, we’ve reprocessed your order with the new SKU and new confirmation number. 

You will get notified when the order ships within the next few days. If you’d like an updated confirmation link, send us an email at and we will get that to you. 

Thanks for your patience. We are a small startup and we’re doing our best to create the highest quality of products for your home, under a tight deadline. We appreciate your support during the holiday season! 

Kelsey & Jason 


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