Father's Day Gift Ideas for Every Dad

Father’s Day is a perfect reason to spend the day outside with the men who help support us in so many ways, and an opportunity to give useful, practical gifts that your guy needs but wouldn’t buy himself. We always suggest going for a hike and packing his favorite snacks as a guaranteed win, but if you’re looking for something more tangible, here are the ideas from the dads, sons and wives of the Dorai team.

1. For the Social Guy: Spikeball Game Set

Spikeball game set

If the dad in your life loves having friends over for game night or backyard BBQs, you cannot go wrong with Spikeball. It’s simple, addictive and provides hours of entertainment for recreational to extreme backyard gamers. You’ve probably seen this table-sized volleyball derivative at the beach or park, if not just trust us it’s a win! Shop Spikeball

2. For the Grillmaster: Traeger Wood Pellet Grill

 Trager Grill

Guys love high-tech toys. Combine innovative cooking technology with good old fashioned grilling and it’s a match made in heaven. Plus almost anything cooked on the Traeger delivers a unique, wood-fired flavor so everyone wins. This Utah company has been on every local dad’s wishlist and we love seeing strong products do well. Shop Traeger

3. For the Beverage Enthusiast: The Dorai Stone Coaster Set

Now that almost every dad has a nice set of whiskey or wine cups, they need a unique coaster to display them. The stone-like material keeps condensation off tables and creates a distinct conversation piece as it dries in under 3 seconds - just enough time to take a sip. These are durable to withstand both indoor and outdoor use for year round entertaining. Shop Dorai Coaster Set

For the Traveler:

Everlane Backpack

Everlane Backpack

Ergonomic and fashionable don’t always go together in travel bags, especially in backpacks. Everlane has created a functional, understated backpack that fits just what you need for work, and is made to withstand almost any weather. Shop Everlane Backpack

Woolly Leather Passport Holder

Woolly Made Passport Holder

If international travel is required, why not make it extra special with a premium leather passport holder. This timeless protector provides durability, plus it’s designed, lasered and sewn in Portland, OR - we love that! Shop Woolly Passport Holder

We hope you get to spend a few hours in the sun with the special men in your life and that these suggestions help enhance the summer days ahead.



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