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24 Father's Day Gift Ideas For Every Dad In 2024


Is it just us or are Father’s Day gift ideas difficult to find these days? While it’s easy to throw dad or the father figure in your life a memorable afternoon gathering, it’s a bit trickier to find a present he’ll both use and enjoy. 

This guide to gifts for Father’s Day is dedicated to all dads everywhere. Is your dad a gear junkie? We have gadgets! A father who favors time in the backyard? Games galore! Is dad the chef of the household? We have gift ideas for Father’s Day that’ll satisfy the craving of any foodie, too.

Whether he’s a home cook or wants to practice a little more self-care, we’ve got something for everyone. Enjoy our list of the 24 best Father’s Day gifts and have a lovely time celebrating the man of the house! 

What is the Best Gift to Give on Father’s Day?

Sunday Lawn Care Subscription

For the backyard-loving dad, how about a Sunday Lawn Care Subscription? It’s all-natural and happens to be also loved by our founder Jason. We talked about this cool backyard brand in a previous post, and we're bringing it back because it would make a great Father's Day gift! 

Online Cooking Class

This next idea is perfect for the dads that love to spend time in the kitchen. Gift him a MasterClass pass! Bonus? You can be the taste testers!

Spikeball Game Set

If the dad in your life loves having friends over for game nights or backyard BBQs, you cannot go wrong with Spikeball. As one of our favorite Father’s Day gift ideas, it’s simple, addictive, and provides hours of entertainment for recreational to extreme backyard gamers. 

You’ve probably seen this table-sized volleyball derivative at the beach or park. If not, just trust us it’s a win!

Traeger BBQ Grill

What do most men want for Father’s Day? Well, many guys love high-tech toys. Combine innovative cooking technology with good old-fashioned grilling and it’s a match made in heaven. 

Almost anything cooked on a Traeger Grill delivers a unique, wood-fired flavor so everyone wins. This Utah company has been on every local dad’s wishlist and we love seeing strong products do well. 

Dorai Stone Coaster Set

Now that almost every dad has a nice set of whiskey or wine cups, they need a unique coaster to display them. The stone-like material on this Father’s Day Gift keeps condensation off tables and creates a distinct conversation piece as it dries in under 3 seconds - just enough time to take a sip. These are durable to withstand both indoor and outdoor use for year round entertaining. 

Everlane Backpack

Ergonomic and fashionable don’t always go together in travel bags, especially in backpacks. But Everlane has created a functional, understated backpack that fits just what you need for work. Plus, it’s also made to withstand almost any weather.

Woolly Made Passport Holder

If your dad loves international travel, why not make it extra special with a premium leather passport holder by Woolly Made. This timeless protector provides durability. 

Plus, it’s designed, lasered and sewn in Portland, OR. As one of our gift suggestions for Father’s Day, we love that! 

Molekule Air Purifier

Though this air purifier is a bit of a splurge, what’s more important than having clean air in your home? Thanks to its powerful filtration system, it captures and destroys pollutants in small and large spaces alike. Perfect for dad’s man cave or home office.

Material Kitchen Knives + Stand

This knife trio is made of Japanese stainless steel and high carbon, which makes it one of the most practical gifts for Father’s Day. They also look great when left out on the counter thanks to the magnetic wooden stand. 

Jolie Showerhead

This filtered showerhead won an award from Men’s Health in 2022. It removes chlorine, heavy metals, and other contaminants from your shower water. Give dad the gift of healthier hair and better skin with this!

Eva Solo Tabletop Grill

Here’s another one of our favorite Father’s Day gift ideas for the dads who like to cook. Upgrade your home chef’s next barbeque with this tabletop grill. After the feast is over, you can pop all the parts in the dishwasher for easy cleanup. 

Dorai Dish Pad

Speaking of easy cleanup, the Dorai Dish Pad is a kitchen essential for all types of drying jobs from dishes to produce. Best of all, this countertop drying mat helps prevent mildew. Your dad will surely be grateful for this all year round.

Loftie Lamp

Can you believe this lamp is an alarm clock? Among our list of Father’s Day gifts, it might be one of the more versatile choices. It has multiple settings including a sunrise alarm, sunset wind down, calming red light, and reading light. 

Oura Ring

If the father in your life wants to properly recharge between activities, the Oura ring is the perfect choice. It tracks sleep patterns, provides workout insights, and shares key biometric symbols.

Warby Parker Omar Sunglasses

When it comes to Father’s Day gifts, it’s often hard to find sunglasses that work for everyone. But thankfully, these Warby Parker sunglasses have customizable lens options and a timeless style. Choose the prescription type (non-prescription, progressives, readers) and lens color, for a fully curated experience.

Airfly Pro

This Bluetooth transmitter is another essential item for the dad who loves to travel. Simply plug this accessory into any inflight entertainment system and connect AirPods or noise-canceling headphones with ease.

Fellow Carter Cold Tumbler

If you know us, you know we’re big fans of anything from Fellow. Their Carter Cold Tumbler is great for keeping an iced coffee or tea cold all day long. This tumbler is one of our top Father’s Day gift ideas because it’s spill-resistant, stays cold for up to 18+ hours, and is cup holder compatible.

Omos Greenskeeper

Inspired by the timeless Porsche 911, this Greenskeeper is the optimal tool for maintaining the golf course. It’s sleek enough to be out of the way and manufactured to last. 

Hoka Running Shoe

Enhance his daily step count with these award-winning shoes by Hoka. A pair of these shoes will make wonderful Father’s Day gifts for any dad who puts fitness first. Soft and light, they’re built to help cruise through daily neighborhood walks, runs, or jogs in comfort. 

Vuori Sunday Performance Jogger

If dad really likes to exercise, don’t stop at running shoes. These joggers are the perfect blend of comfort and function thanks to their 4-way stretch and moisture-wicking material. They’re also perfect for the dad who is constantly on the go.

Lululemon Everywhere Belt Bag

Make sure your dad can keep all the necessities close with this crowd-favorite belt bag. It’s perfect for holding his phone, keys, wallet, and other tiny items while he’s on the move.

Dorai Dog Bowls + Stone Base

Let’s be honest: meal times with pets can often be messy. If your dad has a dog, chances are that he doesn’t want wet floors around water bowls or a feeding station. Our Dorai Dog Bowls + Stone Base keep floors clean and dry, all while fitting into any home's aesthetic.

Wild One Tennis Tumble

Here’s another one of our favorite Father’s Day Gift ideas for the dad with a dog in his life. This Tennis Tumble Dog Puzzle is stimulating and is made from strong natural rubber that’s perfect for play. 

Your dad will no doubt keep his dogs active as they try to retrieve the trapped ball. Perfect entertainment for owner and pup alike.

Lamb Wolf Monti

Finally on our list of Father’s Day gift ideas, we have one more pet-friendly recommendation. Help dad keep his furry friend entertained with this snuffle ball. Includes 8 slots to hide treats for stimulated play.



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