Five Kitchen Tips to Prep for Holiday Hosting

Five Kitchen Tips to Prep for Holiday Hosting

The holiday season is approaching which means fun decorations, cozy warm fires and opening up your home to friends and family. While some people love hosting, others shy away from it because it feels like endless planning and clean up. But it doesn’t have to be that way! Ashley La Fond, the founder at Of Space + Mind, shares five tips to being organized this season, and preparing your kitchen for holiday hosting. 

Ashley La Fond, the founder at Of Space + Mind


Create a Plan

Preparing to host always takes longer than you think so reduce stress by creating a plan well in advance. Consider every detail - from the format of your event, to the timing, to the menu and how you want to decorate your space. 

The host sets the tone of any event so choose a format that works well for your space and will feel easiest for you to execute.  Not a big cook? Order platters or opt for catering. Don’t have a big table or enough seating? Go for heavy appetizers and finger foods. Reduce the stress of hosting by creating a plan well in advance, and leaving yourself plenty of time to execute on it.

Prep Ahead Of Time 

The key to being a great host is being organized so you can be present for your guests! Make large format cocktails that guests can pour for themselves. Choose recipes that can be made in advance and reheated or kept warm. Plan which serving platters and utensils you need for each dish and pull them out - this way they are ready when it comes time to plate!  Do as much as you can in advance so you can have fun once your guests arrive!  

Declutter In Advance 

Nobody wants to host in a cluttered space, so take the time to edit your kitchen before hosting. Clear off countertops, go through drawers and cabinets and create as much open space as possible. This is a great time to empty out the fridge and pantry to create space for new ingredients and platters of food. Match up tupperware so you’re prepared for leftovers and look through your serving dishes to make sure you have what you need. 

Upgrade your Essentials 

Hosting is a great time to update the little things in your home! Investing in small touches like a nice hand soap or a good-smelling candle can make your space look and feel welcoming. Use trays to contain small items - helping make them feel elevated and intentional. We love the Stone Sink Caddy which is pretty while also helping to keep counters dry!

Clean as You Go

If you’ve prepared food in advance then you’ve hopefully done the bulk of dishes before guests arrive. We love the Dorai Dish Pad because it's pretty enough to leave out but it also folds up to be hidden away! Rather than leaving the rest for the end, try to tidy up a little as you go. Make sure your dishwasher has been run and emptied before guests arrive so dishes can go straight into it, rather than be piled into the sink. Guests are often happy to help, so if they offer, let them! 

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