FixerUpper: Dish Rack Edition, check out these Before & After shots!

The kitchen is often referred to as the heart of the home. We happen to agree, which is why it's so important to outfit your space with products that work better and align with your sense of style. The current dish rack options out there are akin to a 50's rambler, and we're going for more of a contemporary villa look. 

As longtime fans of FixerUpper, we couldn't help but have a little fun channeling our inner Chip & Joanna when assessing the dirty dish rack contest submissions (last reminder, all submissions are due by June 15). 

Rust Meets Plastic Bin

Before and after kitchen 1

We’re calling this the Rust Meets Plastic Bin. Here we opened up the main basin to accommodate your items, and better utilized the sides with functional accessories.

Musty Slider

before and after kitchen 2

This one is the Musty Slider. For the Dish Pad we went for more of a free-form space that can be used however you need, without holding onto extra moisture or sliding around.

Plate Party Basket

before and after kitchen 3

We’re calling this one the Plate Party Basket. We ditched the non-durable, mildew-prone bin and introduced our instant-drying, mold-free Diomat material.  

Grassy Mold Grower

Before & after kitchen 4

The Grassy Mold Grower, a common kitchen trend first appearing around 2012. For starters, the only place fake grass belongs is the backyard. We love the contrast of metal against the natural material, and more importantly we can rest easy knowing nothing is growing underneath.

Bacteria Luge 

before and after kitchen 5

We've named this one the Bacteria Luge, as the material and grooves create an ideal environment for creatures to set up camp. We replaced the low-quality plastic with a sustainable, antimicrobial material that can be folded when not in use. 

The Wooden Split Level

before and after kitchen 6

An artifact of the vintage dish drying era, this unique shape is only effective with a very limited number of dish arrangements and often requires add-ons to support a family's needs. We created a built-in cutting board holder and side rail accessories for a more usable and cohesive product that efficiently utilizes limited counter space.


Thanks for playing along, the winner of the dirty dish rack giveaway contest will be announced on June 17. We hope to modernize and refresh all the kitchens in need of love over the coming weeks!


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