Kelsey and Jason’s Holiday Gift Guides for the Homebody and Gadget Guy

Kelsey and Jason’s Holiday Gift Guides for the Homebody and Gadget Guy

It’s that time of year again and we’re ready to get a head start on our holiday shopping. Don’t procrastinate this year, holiday deadlines are right around the corner for many brands. Dorai’s Christmas shipping cut-off is December 13th! Thankfully, Dorai co-founders Kelsey and Jason are giving us the perfect gift guides for the homebody and gadget guy. 

“It’s no secret that Jason and I are Christmas fanatics. Jason even referenced our shared affinity for the holiday in our vows! This year we wanted to create gift guides that align with our personalities and resonate with the homebody or gadget lover in your home. We know you have lots of options when it comes to holiday shopping, and we’re so grateful when you consider Dorai as a gift for a friend or family member.”


Kelsey’s Gift Guide for Homebodies 2021

Bi-Monthly Chocolate Subscription: Nothing says love like chocolate, especially a chocolate subscription. Ritual Chocolate is something we just can’t get enough of. They are a local ‘bean to bar’ company in Park City, Utah who uses ethically sourced ingredients that taste unlike any grocery store chocolate you’ve experienced.

The Perfect Pajama Set: The perfect at-home lounge set that’s both comfortable and slightly sophisticated. We love that these are cooler than many alternative PJ sets for those of us who tend toward hot at night. They also hold up well after multiple washes. 

Non-toxic Hair Oil: We love hair oil, especially when it’s non-toxic. This tip comes directly from my trusted stylist who suggests adding hair oil to your bedtime routine during the colder months of the year to keep your hair feeling moisturized. This one doesn't make your hair or hands feel greasy. 

Satin Scrunchie: To complement your hair oil routine, use these cute and comfortable satin scrunchies night or day to prevent hair breakage.

Comfy + Supportive Slippers: These are the perfect slippers because they are supportive yet cozy. These are some of my favorite post-running or post skiing slip ons. They’re perfect for walking around the house with a little added support. 

Slate Sink Caddy: During the holiday season, I love to outfit our Sink Caddy with a seasonal soap and candle. Its platform is made of our instant-drying Diomat® technology that helps prevent gunk buildup. 


Jason’s Gift Guide for Gadget Guys 2021

Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Maker: We are big fans of nitro cold brew coffee but that usually isn’t easy at home. This is why we’re obsessed with this machine! Perfectly brewed with a creamy head of foam.

USB Rechargeable Lighter: Goodbye to matches and disposable lighters! We don’t need all that waste. That’s why we’re huge fans of these rechargeable lighters. 

Dorai Slate Bath Stone: Every gadget guy needs low-maintenance home products. Unlike traditional bath mats that absorb moisture and generate bacteria, the Bath Stone™ mat is designed to instantly remove water, actually helping prevent mold.

Blue Tees Range Finder: Have a golf lover that’s working on his game? The Series 3 Max rangefinder is made of ultra-premium materials and comes with a custom weather-proof case.

RGC Field Kit: This one is for the golf fanatics out there. Winter shouldn’t stop you from getting your practice in. We’re a sucker for Random Golf Club's stellar branding! 

Utah Jazz Socks Set: Great fit, festive, and perfect for all the Jazz fans out there.

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