How To Clean Fruit? 7 Ways To Wash Fruit To Stay Fresh

How To Clean Fruit? 7 Ways To Wash Fruit To Stay Fresh

Everyone loves biting into a juicy apple or savoring sweet strawberries fresh from the garden, right? But before eating them, you’ve got to make sure they're ultraclean. 

Whether it's to rinse off dirt or shake off any pesky pesticides, knowing how to clean fruit the right way is a must for keeping things healthy and tasty. 

So, let's dive into some super-simple yet super-effective solutions to get your fruits ready to eat. From a quick splash under the tap to some clever tricks with vinegar, make this your go-to guide for the best way to wash fruit.

How to Wash Fruit With Water

Believe it or not, sometimes water is all you need. Cleaning fruits under a good ol’ faucet can work wonders. 

It's like giving them a quick shower to wash off any excess grime. Even if you're peeling them later, a quick rinse can stop dirt and germs from hitching a ride on your knife and into the fruit. 

So, next time you're thinking of munching on an apple or snacking on a cluster of grapes, water might be the best way to wash fruit. A little splash in your sink can go a long way!

How to Clean Fruit With Vinegar

This kitchen staple isn't just for salads. It’s also a champion for cleaning, especially washing fruit

Mix up some white vinegar with water (think one part vinegar to four parts water). That’ll give you a natural fruit bath that knocks out bacteria and breaks down those waxy coatings.

Toss your fruits in your mix for a few minutes, give them a rinse, and voilà. They should be fresh, clean, and ready for snacking. And don't worry, your fruits won't taste sour – just fantastic!

Cleaning Fruit With Baking Soda

Here's a cool, useful tool for how to wash fruit: baking soda. It can be an effective and easy way to remove pesticides.

Just sprinkle a bit of baking soda into a bowl of water. Then, give your fruits a gentle scrub or a soak. 

This combo using baking soda to clean fruit works wonders for thicker skin produce like apples. The best part? It's all-natural and super easy. 

Just remember to give your fruits a good rinse after washing fruit with baking soda. They’ll be more than ready to be devoured after you do!

How to Wash Fruit With a Salt Water Soak

Water works great solo, but adding salt can be an added secret weapon for cleaning fruit. You'll be amazed at how a little bit of salt water can get your fruits clean gently and effectively.

So what’s the best way to clean fruit with salt water? Just mix one teaspoon of salt for every cup of warm water you use, then let your fruits take a dip.

This method is a natural way for washing fruits like strawberries. Give them a good soak for a couple of minutes, and then rinse them under cool, running water.  

How to Clean Fruit With All-Natural Washing Products

For those of you who prefer a ready-made solution, there are all-natural fruit wash products out there you can buy. They're designed to be gentle when washing fruits but tough on dirt and bacteria. 

These products often use organic ingredients and are free from harsh chemicals, making them a safe choice for cleaning fruit. When picking one, look for options that are USDA certified organic and have transparent ingredient lists and good reviews. 

To use, just follow the instructions on the bottle, which usually involves a spray or a rinse. 

How to Clean Fruit With a Brush

Got fruits like apples or pears? Sometimes, the best way to clean fruit is with a soft brush.

Place your fruits under running water for 30-60 seconds, and scrub with either a vegetable brush or brand new toothbrush. You'll wash away any dirt or residue. 

This method is perfect for fruits with firmer skins. Just remember, be gentle! You don't want to bruise them before you eat. 

Dry Your Fruit With Dorai

Alright, so you've washed your fruits, now what? It's time to dry them on a Dorai Dish Pad. 

Whether in slate or sandstone, it’s a quick-drying wonder that helps prevent mold and keeps your fruits fresh and ready for snacking. No more mildewed towels or damp counters. Just clean, dry fruits and peace of mind. 

Make washing and drying your fruits a breeze with this neat kitchen addition.

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