37 Indoor Herb Garden Ideas to Spice Up Your Kitchen

37 Indoor Herb Garden Ideas to Spice Up Your Kitchen


Ready to infuse your kitchen with a sprinkle of life? An indoor herb garden isn’t just a trend; it's a modern kitchen addition that will have your kitchen bursting with amazing aromas. 

And guess what? You don’t need a massive garden to make this happen—you can grow herbs in the kitchen with just a sunny windowsill or a cozy corner on the counter. Having your kitchen blooming with aromatic herbs is just a snip away, making every dish an adventure. 

Let's dive into the world of indoor herb gardens. Whether it's a neat row of potted greens by your kitchen window or charming planters beside the sink, we've got the ideas to help you cultivate your very own herb haven.

Stay with us as we walk you through creating a kitchen herb garden that's both functional and stylish. It's time to grow your green thumb and your culinary repertoire together.

How Do You Start an Indoor Herb Garden?

Starting an indoor kitchen garden is simpler than you might think and the rewards are pretty incredible.  Begin by choosing a variety of your favorite herbs that thrive indoors, like basil, mint, or chives. Then, select a spot in your kitchen that receives plenty of sunlight because herbs love a good sunbath. 

Equip yourself with some pots with drainage (we have some creative ideas for that ahead), high-quality potting soil, and a little patience as you watch your indoor kitchen herb garden come to life. 

Which Herbs Grow Best Indoors?

Beyond the basil, mint, and chives we just mentioned of your kitchen. Here are some of the best picks for kitchen herbs to grow in your indoor garden:

  • Parsley: A humble herb that grows easily and adds a subtle, herby touch to any dish.
  • Cilantro: This vibrant superstar thrives in cooler conditions and adds a burst of fresh citrusy flair to your dishes.  Just make sure before you grow this herb in your indoor kitchen garden that you and whoever else is in your household don’t have the genetic trait that makes it taste like soap (ew!).
  • Thyme: A bit of sunlight is all it needs to bring a lovely earthy flavor to the party. 
  • Oregano: It loves soaking up the sun and adds bold Mediterranean flavor to dishes. 
  • Rosemary: Known for its love of abundant sunlight and minimal watering, it adds a robust touch to your kitchen garden. 

Indoor Herb Garden Ideas

1. Classic Window Sill Planters

Open the blinds, let the sunshine spill in and turn your window sill into a mini flavor paradise. A selection of terracotta pots holding vibrant herbs makes for a picturesque and practical kitchen herb garden. Choose a single, elegant planter or a charming series that suits your kitchen’s look and lets your herbs bask in the sun’s rays.

2. Hanging Herb Baskets

Reimagine empty air space with a cascade of greenery from hanging herb baskets. Ideal for kitchens where counter space is precious, these elevated indoor kitchen gardens bring a fresh and airy feel as they dangle delightful herbs within arm’s reach. 

3. Magnetic Herb Jars on the Fridge

Turn your refrigerator into a hanging indoor herb garden with magnetic herb jars. This smart and space-savvy approach will spice up your cooking game and also adds life to your kitchen’s metallic vibes It’s especially perfect if you live in a cozy urban space. 4. Mason Jar Kitchen Herb Garden

Transform mason jars from vintage keepsakes to a quaint, thriving herb ecosystem. This DIY project infuses your kitchen with a dash of rustic charm. 

5. Vertical Wall Herb Planters

When you’re running low on floor space, why not go vertical? These wall planters aren’t  just a stylish addition, it’s like creating a living wall that is beautiful and useful. 

6. Countertop Hydroponic Indoor Herb Garden

Dive into the world of hydroponics with a countertop kitchen herb garden that's as smart as it is sleek. Perfect for those who love a dash of high-tech with their thyme and basil, these systems make sure your herbs are pampered with just the right amount of water and nutrients—no green thumb required.

7. Chalkboard Painted Pot Labels

Who knew a little chalkboard paint could make indoor kitchen gardening this charming and orderly? Scribble the names of your herbs on these painted pots for a cute and clear way to know your parsley from your coriander. These little touches can spice up your herb game. 

8. Tea Tin Herb Planters

Have any tea tins hanging around? Turn them into a delightful kitchen window herb garden. This is a sweet nod to upcycling that not only saves space but also adds a personal, homey touch to your kitchen. They're just the right size for herbs and look adorable, too.

9. Floating Shelf Herb Display

Imagine your herbs floating on walls and not taking up any of your precious counter space. These shelves are the perfect blend of form and function, giving you easy access to your herbs and decorating your kitchen at the same time. Plus, they're a breeze to set up.

10. Repurposed Wine Crate Planters

Old wine crates don't have to gather dust in the basement—give them a second life as the cozy new home for your herbs. It's a creative twist on an indoor herb garden that's as good for your plants as it is for conversation, adding a bit of that winery aesthetic right in your kitchen.

11. Integrated Countertop Herb Planter

How about herbs right at your fingertips? An integrated countertop herb planter blends flawlessly with your kitchen's work surface, offering fresh flavors right where you need them without taking up an extra inch. Picture yourself plucking fresh thyme or rosemary right from this kitchen herb garden as you sauté and season—every home chef's dream!

12. Upcycled Bottle Indoor Kitchen Garden

Feeling crafty? Old wine and glass bottles get a second act as herb planters. With a snip and a flip, they become self-watering wonders that not only look great but are kind to the planet. It's a conversation-starting indoor herb garden right in your kitchen.

13. Pallet Herb Garden

Transform a simple pallet into a country-style herb display. It's a dash of DIY and a pinch of creativity to create a space-smart way to grow herbs in the kitchen. And don't forget to add Dorai's small or large Plant Saucers underneath—because who says practical can't be pretty?

14. LED Grow Light Herb Setup

Don't let a lack of sunlight dim your herb-growing dreams. An LED grow light setup is like a power boost for your plants d, coaxing kitchen herbs to grow even in the coziest of spaces. It's the smart solution for year-round greenery.

15. Terracotta Pot Herb Tower

Go vertical and vibrant with a terracotta pot herb tower. This space-savvy tower is a stunner, turning your go-to herbs into a living sculpture. The pots keep your greenery perfectly pampered, ensuring each leaf and spring is as healthy as it is handy.

16. Kitchen Cart Herb Garden

Give your herbs wheels with a kitchen cart turned indoor herb garden.Now your herbs can be your sidekick, following from the kitchen to the patio for al fresco dining—it's like a little mobile oasis for your home.

17. Indoor Greenhouse Cabinet

Create a tiny garden paradise in your kitchen with an indoor greenhouse cabinet. This is serious business for those who want their herbs lush all year round––this kitchen herb garden offers the perfect climate in a piece of furniture that looks just as good as it functions.

18. Herb Garden Room Divider

Merge form with function using an indoor herb garden as a chic room divider. It's a savvy solution for open layouts, letting you separate spaces organically while surrounding yourself with sprigs and leaves that are as handy as they are lovely.

19. Kitchen Windowsill Herb Garden

Turn your windowsill into the ultimate herb show with a glass shelf garden. The clear shelves catch the light beautifully, making it a prime spot for your herbs to flourish while adding a sleek, modern look to your kitchen.

20. Herb-Filled Hanging Window Boxes

Introducing herb filled hanging window boxes—to elevate your cultivation with a touch of sophistication. This is one of the best indoor herb garden ideas for making the most of sunny spots, offering your herbs the warmth they love. 

21. DIY Stacked Herb Garden Shelves

Flex your green thumb and your creativity with DIY stacked herb garden shelves. Perfect for the home chef who’s also a bit of a handyman or woman, these multi-level streamline the process of organizing and accessing all your favorite herbs.  22. Suspended Glass Terrariums to Grow Herbs in the Kitchen

Add a touch of whimsy to your indoor kitchen garden with herbs housed in suspended glass terrariums. Floating like bubbles filled with greenery, they’re a conversation piece that brings a modern, airy feel to your space.

23. Indoor Herb Garden with Integrated Watering System

For the home chef who’s got everything under control except time, an herb garden with an integrated watering system is a lifesaver. It's the set-it-and-forget-it of indoor herb garden ideas, ensuring your herbs are hydrated just right, every time.

24. Ceramic Hanging Pots

Elevate your kitchen aesthetics with the seamless sion of elegance and simplicity embodied by ceramic hanging pots. Hang them high or low, staggered or in line, for a fresh herb cascade in your kitchen that’s as lovely to look at as it is to use.

25. Herb Planters with Built-In Grow Lights

Illuminate your kitchen’s green ambition with herb planters that bring their own spotlight. They’re the all-season solution for spaces that the sun forgot, making sure your kitchen herb garden stays hearty even when the weather doesn’t cooperate.

26. Wall-Mounted Pipe Herb Garden

Channel that cool, downtown vibe with a wall-mounted pipe herb garden. Whether you go with gleaming metal or industrial PVC, it’s a surefire way to grow herbs in your kitchen with a twist of modern style.

27. Kitchen Drawer Herb Garden

Repurpose an old drawer into the coziest of nooks for your indoor herb garden. It’s a quirky, cute way to integrate a little green life into your kitchen furniture—proving that even drawers can have a green thumb.

28. Living Herb Wall Art

Who says art can’t be edible? Transform your kitchen wall into a masterpiece with a living herb wall—it’s both a feast for the eyes and the palate  t Who said a wall can’t be a flavorful marvel? 

29. Customizable Modular Indoor Kitchen Garden

Build your indoor kitchen herb garden as you build your culinary skills with a customizable modular herb garden. It’s the ultimate in personalization, evolving and adapting alongside your culinary adventures. 30. Window Herb Box with Sliding Covers

Let the light in or keep it out with a smart window herb box complete with sliding covers. It's the perfect sunbathing spot for your kitchen herbs to grow, giving them the warmth they need and you the convenience you desire.

31. Apothecary Jar Herb Garden

Channel a bit of old-school pharmacy flair with an apothecary jar indoor herb garden. The glass showcases your herbs with a dash of class, and the cozy greenhouse effect inside each jar is just the right environment for your herbs to flourish.

32. Herb Ladder Shelf

Climb the ladder of kitchen greatness with a herb ladder shelf. . Each step is a home for your potted friends, making for a lovely and lush corner piece that saves on space without skimping on style.

33. Herb Garden with Drip Irrigation

Take your herb garden to new heights with an indoor kitchen garden with its own drip irrigation. . It's like a spa for your herbs, gently quenching their roots with the perfect amount of hydration for that always-thriving look. Your herbs with thank you and your herbs will flourish. 

34. Indoor Kitchen Herb Garden Chandelier

This is a chandelier that dazzles not only with light but with life. Hanging above your island, this indoor herb garden chandelier illuminates your kitchen with a fresh, edible glow, making it the centerpiece of conversation and cuisine.

35. Herb Spiral Stand

Inject an optical twist to your kitchen with an herb spiral stand. It’s a space-savvy tower and a work of living art all -n-one, allowing your indoor kitchen herb garden to be an ascending display of greenery.

36. Recycled Hanging Tin Cans

Upcycle those old tin cans into a fleet of charming hanging planters. It’s a fun, eco-conscious way to grow your herbs in the kitchen, with a touch of customization that can match any kitchen's theme.

37. Over-the-Sink Extendable Herb Shelf

Make the most of your kitchen layout with an extendable kitchen herb garden shelf that’s placed over the sink. It's a neat, tidy way to keep your herbs watered and happy, with no mess left behind—just fresh herbs right above the rinse and ready for your next dish.

Cultivate Flavor and Freshness With These Indoor Herb Garden Picks

From suspended sanctuaries to tech-savvy green spaces, , there's a perfect patch for every culinary creator. Dive into our 37 inspired indoor herb garden ideas and watch as your kitchen transforms into a vibrant hub of fresh flavors and aromas.

Whether basking on your windowsill or woven into the very fabric of your counters, these chic and clever kitchen herb gardens are waiting to take root in your home. Embark on your herb-growing journey and relish the zest and zing they bring to every dish you whip up.

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