Join us in the March Meditation Challenge

Join us in the March Meditation Challenge

It's March, your office is probably bubbling with talk of bracket madness, but around here we're trading in madness for calm. By spring the novelty of ‘resolutions’ has likely worn off, and we could all benefit from a little social accountability when it comes to building habits. This inspired us to create the March Meditation Challenge: meditate for 5+ minutes everyday in March, get a delightful gift from Dorai at the end.

How it works:

1. Join the free challenge: Click the button below to sign up or send us an email at to say you're in, don’t worry we’ll never share your email with others or spam you!

2. Download one of our favorite meditation apps (or meditate free form): Headspace, Calm, Waking Up 

3. Screenshot or print the calendars below to track and share your progress. At the end of the month we’ll follow-up to see how you did and send a gift for sticking with it.   

Click the calendar below to view and save:

Calendar for Phones

Phone meditation calendar

Calendar For Printing

March Meditation Challenge

Still feel mediation is too ‘woo woo’ for you? Think again, numerous scientific studies have been conclusive in documenting the benefits from adding consistent mediation to your life.
All this is possible with just a few minutes a day, that’s less time than it takes to fill out your bracket.
  1. Reduces cortisol (stress hormone) throughout the day when practiced routinely.
  2. Habitual mediation has been shown to reduce anxiety, especially in intense work environments.
  3. Improves depression and positive outlook.
  4. Enhances self awareness and promotes self inquiry.
  5. Lengthens attention span with as little as 4 days of meditation to see an impact.
  6. Improves focus which may increase memory and mental clarity.
  7. Shortens the time required to fall asleep and have fewer sleep interruptions.
  8. May help fight addictions.
Hopefully you’re coming around, and social accountability always helps. Know we’re in this with you and hope you can find a little extra space amidst life’s stress through meditation this month!

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