Kelsey’s 5 Favorite Things for Spring

Kelsey’s 5 Favorite Things for Spring

Kelsey’s 5 Favorite Things for Spring

We’re in the depths of balancing life as new parents with busy work schedules, which is heavily influencing our favorite items this spring. The struggle to relax in the evenings and stay awake during the day is real, and here are a few products that have helped. 

Bath Cushion

Dorai originated from the idea of reinventing the bath mat. Since becoming a parent, my appreciation for a solid bath ritual is more vital than ever. This bath pillow is comfy, but not too large. It’s simple to hang in between baths, so I know it’s drying out and staying clean, just like our best-selling Bath Stones.

Towel Warmer

We’ve had a VERY long winter in Utah, which makes for some cold mornings. There’s nothing worse after a nice hot shower than a cold towel, fortunately you can prevent that with a well-designed towel warmer.

Magnesium Powder

Make your evening routine even more relaxing with Moonjuice Magnesi-om. This powdered beverage is calming and helpful for sore, achy muscles that seem to have multiplied during the last 6 months.

Malk Vanilla Almond Milk

Following a steep increase in caffeine consumption, our previous coffee machine gave out on us, resulting in the search for a high-quality, easy-to-use, and clean machine. We landed on the Spinn. It’s still too early to give our full review of the coffee machine, but so far we've enjoyed the flavor. I enjoy a lot of frothed milk with my coffee and have found most non-dairy milks fall short in the microbubble department. Malk is my favorite option for froth and flavor, and the ingredients are very impressive. 

Humm Kombucha in Mango Passionfruit

Kombucha can be either hit or miss and this one is definitely a hit! It’s flavorful and not overly sweet. It’s easy to drink and has extra B vitamins which help you maintain energy during the day. It’s a nice alternative to sugary drinks and has the added benefit of probiotics to help with digestion.


As we (finally) get to spring, I hope these items can help put you to sleep or keep you awake as you tackle whatever the day throws your way!


Kelsey’s 5 Favorite Things for Spring


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