Kelsey’s 5 Favorite Things for Summer

Summer is, without a doubt, my favorite season! I love the bright mornings, warm evenings, and confidently leaving the house in sandals without a jacket. I find myself using Plant Saucers in every room with flowers and herbs throughout the home. Here are a few of my favorite items that I hope you can enjoy this summer too!


Stacking Ikebana Bowl

I love the soft, pillow-like shape of this Ikebana and how it can be stacked together or broken apart and used around the home.

Restfeel Women’s Slides

These slides are the perfect combination of comfort and style. We don’t wear shoes in the house, so I like to keep one set for indoors and one for outdoors.

Teakoe Fizzy Tea

It wouldn’t be a ‘5 faves’ without at least one drink mention. Fizzy tea is a nice alternative to iced coffee in the summer when you’re looking for something refreshing with just a hint of caffeine. I like most of the flavors, but this one is my favorite. 

Watermelon Glow PHA + BHA Pore-Tight Toner 

This toner is nothing new in the beauty category, but I recently rediscovered how much I love it for the warm summer months. It leaves your face moisturized and just a little dewey, but not overly shiny.

Plant Saucers

I have a hard time leaving the hardware store (or Costco for that matter) without buying at least one plant. This has resulted in the need for lots of Plant Saucers to protect all the surfaces in our home.


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