Kelsey's 6 Favorite Things for Pregnancy

Kelsey's 6 Favorite Things for Pregnancy

Kelsey's 6 Favorite Things for Pregnancy

In case you haven’t heard, Jason and I are welcoming a new baby boy to our family this September. It’s been a wild 9+ months, and we have no doubt there will be many surprises and learnings ahead. Pregnancy has certainly been an opportunity to ‘let go of expectations and embrace the smaller wins. Here are a few of my favorite (let’s be honest, essential) things that have helped me navigate pregnancy.


Ofoos Slide Sandals

I would put these in the same category as the trendy ‘cloud slippers’ but are much more functionally supportive in design. During pregnancy, your ligaments relax, and I’ve found it’s been helpful to have extra arch support at all times. I have a pair of these for wearing in the house and for running errands. They are a bit more expensive than the Amazon versions, but the foam stands up well to prolonged use, and the shape is more optimal for your foot.


Lululemon Align Shorts 

As most pregnant women will tell you, “I lived in Lululemon align pants and shorts.” These have been my saving grace this summer for both workouts and everyday wear. I rotate between a few versions of the 6 in and 4 in with and without pockets. I sized up because I like them extra comfy! 


Essential Purse Snacks - Gummy Bears + Pur Gum

I realized during the first trimester that I’d be throwing all my healthy eating out the window. And then, when nausea continued, more or less the same through the second and third trimester, I adopted an in-between meal purse snack strategy. My favorite gummy bears are the ones at Sprouts, the Albanese brand to be exact, they have the best variety of flavors and consistency. 

I’m not much of a gum chewer, and this brand doesn’t necessarily have long-lasting flavor, but it’s aspartame free, which is important for pregnant moms.

Three Wishes Cereal 

I’ve made it a habit of being wide awake from the hours of 3:00-5:00 AM, this time as been spent snacking and reading. The easiest snack to keep near the bed (preventing the need to actually get up) is cereal and single serve almond milk containers, which don’t require refridgeration. I like the fruity flavor of Three Wishes, it’s similar to Fruit Loops but the added protein keeps me fuller a bit longer into the morning to help with that morning sickness.


Air Relax Compression Boots 

These are a splurge but worth it in my opinion because anything that helps with relaxation and recovery without requiring effort from me (such as foam rolling or actual stretching) is going to get ample usage. I wear these most evenings while reading and it’s like an intense leg massage. I’m surprised how sore my legs get with relatively little activity, so these help prevent swelling and can be worn on the comfort of my couch!


Roll On Peppermint Essential Oil

Finally, I’ve been very grateful for peppermint essential oil. I routinely use it in our house with the diffuser to cover up food smells and keep a roll on stick for on the go. It’s not only helpful in smelly situations (ugh, thank you super scent abilities), but also nice to put on the back of your neck to help with tension headaches.

Kelsey's 6 Favorite Things for Pregnancy

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