Livestream with the founders.

Livestream with the founders.

Did you know your average bath mat can retain water for up to 12 hours? Not only are damp bath mats unpleasant to stand on, they also provide a fertile breeding ground for mold and bacteria to grow. If you’re ready to ditch the dampness then it’s time to get Dorai.

The Dorai bath mat is a patent pending home essential that instantly removes moisture with the help of mother nature. Designed for the conscientious home, we created an eco-friendly bath mat that eliminates water and its nasty bi-product mold, yielding a delightful experience for your feet and your space.

Dorai is the product child of founders Jason and Kelsey who are on a mission to create sustainable, satisfying, and healthy homes. When they discovered the benefits of diatomaceous earth, the main organic compound used to create Dorai, it intrigued their design curiosity and they embraced the opportunity to make everyday living spaces even better.

Fast forward six months, the Dorai bath mat is not just an innovative idea, it’s a fully functional and tested product. We are preparing to launch our Kickstarter campaign in early August and are inviting all of you to be part of our journey.

On Friday, July 27th Jason and Kelsey will be going live on Facebook at 1:00 MST to introduce you to the Dorai bath mat, demonstrate how it works, and answers any questions. This is an intimate event at the inception of a company that you will not want to miss. Be among the first to back this amazing product and bring the Dorai bath mat from our workshop into your home.


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