The Making of the Dish Pad Rack

The Making of the Dish Pad Rack

Ever wondered how a product at Dorai is created? From the brainstorming phase to prototypes, we’re diving deep behind the scenes. We’re sharing all the details on how the Dish Pad Rack came to life. 

Step 1: The Idea 

Every new product starts with an idea. Sometimes it’s an idea we heard from a customer (we love it when you share new product ideas with us) or sometimes it’s a product we really see a need for in the market.

For the Dish Pad Rack, we really wanted to create a product that was great for small spaces and paired seamlessly with our best-selling Dish Pad. Our “wishlist” for this product included the fact that we needed it to be portable and collapsible, it had to enhance organization, and it needed to be created with eco-friendly materials. 


Step 2: Mock Ups 

It was time to bring this product to life! Round 1 of this product had bamboo slats to hold plates. Though it was aesthetically pleasing, it meant the product wasn’t portable or collapsible. Portability was key because we want customers to be able to use the Dish Pad freely by moving the Dish Pad Rack to any section of the Dish Pad. 

Finding the perfect size was tricky. The Dish Pad Rack needed to make sense for optimal organization and accommodation without taking up too much space. With that, we moved on to the next step with notes in hand. 

Step 3: Getting Closer 

Round 2 meant we were getting closer. We focused on a more compact design that featured a removable utensil holder so you can customize your layout. Additionally, the utensil holder had an open bottom to allow water to drip down to the Dish Pad for instant drying. With the new compact design, it allows the user to fold down the Dish Pad Rack for easy storage in a drawer or cabinet when not in use. 

Step 4: The Final Step

The last steps to this product were really focused on product testing and materials. Through testing, we added silicone grips to the plate slots to hold dishes to prevent slipping. Additionally, we landed on a high quality material that was fully recyclable. 


Step 5: The Dish Pad Rack 

The versatile Dish Pad Rack is complete! It’s designed to keep your counters organized and dry. It rests on the different sections of your Dish Pad to best to fit your needs. It has 6 slots for drying plates and lids upright, 2 knife slots and a utensil holder. Plus, it’s BPA free, FDA food safe tested, and dishwasher safe making it the ultimate minimal dish rack.

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