Our 10 Favorite Products that Make it Easy to Stay Organized and Simplify the Home

Our 10 Favorite Products that Make it Easy to Stay Organized and Simplify the Home

When January arrives and we’re finally coming back to life after the holiday sugar high and subsequent crash, one of my favorite things to do is get rid of clutter and get organized. I love to take all that pent up holiday energy that I would be putting into work and channel it into simplifying and streamlining our space. 

One of the biggest challenges with tidying up is implementing a practical system that’s easy to maintain and be consistent with throughout the entire year, even when things get hectic! As we’ve grown Dorai and furthered our appreciation for functional design and quality manufacturing, we’ve become better at identifying products that are useful, attractive and high-quality. We bring this same rigor into purchasing decisions for the home and are always aspiring to simplify life wherever possible. Here are a few of our favorite home products to help you stay organized! While the initial price tag is often a bit higher than lower-cost alternatives, you won’t regret it with these home products that simplify life! 


The Always Pan from Our Place : 

Streamline 2-3 pans into 1, stacks well for drawers. Shop it here


Evermill Countertop Spice Rack & Spice Service:

Uniformly store spices and ensure the freshest flavor. Shop it here.


Simple Human Large Step Trashcan with Built-in Garbage Bag Dispenser:

We love a simple, foolproof large trashcan that looks good. The built-in slot for garbage bags makes it easy to instantly replace the bag without having to touch any other cabinets. Shop it here.


Dorai Dish Pad + Rack:

The perfect slot for all your hand washed dishes that maximizes drying real estate. Shop it here.


Branch Basics Premium Glass Bottle Kit + Concentrate Subscription: 

One product with many uses that keeps the cleaning basket organized. It goes without saying, we love that that it’s all non-toxic. Shop the glass bottle kit here and the subscription here.


Soda Sense CO2 Canister Exchange Program: 

Save on the amount of bottled water waste while still enjoying that bubbly goodness. Not only is Soda Sensa more affordable then swapping out your canisters at the store, it’s super convenient with the pre-labeled shipping box they provide. Shop it here.


Dorai Sink Caddy + Simple Human Automatic Soap Dispenser: 

Imagine never having to touch the top of the soap dispenser again! It’s the perfect solution for cooking or cleaning up germy hands. It sits perfectly on the Dorai Sink Caddy which helps prevent that pooling water that accumulates under bottles and gives everything an organized appearance. Shop the sink caddy here and the soap dispenser here.


Force of Nature: 

We’ve talked about FON before and I’m sure this won’t be the last time. We love that we can make an equally effective, non-harmful disinfectant anytime we need. The reusable bottle reduces waste, the cost per bottle is much lower than more toxic alternatives and this product’s versatility reduces the need for multiple bathroom and kitchen sprays. Shop it here.


Slide Out Tupperware Organizer: 

The most unorganized cabinet in our kitchen is without a doubt the Tupperware shelf, I've found this to be true in almost every place I’ve lived. This is an expensive solution, but having tried many ‘low cost’ holder, buckets, etc, I can say this looks like something that’s actually functional and will keep your Tupperware organized. Shop it here.


Slide Out Cabinet Organizer: 

A simple way to get more functionality from lower cabinets is to make them easily visual and accessible. Someone (Jason, cough cough) has a tendency to ‘throw’ all the lids, pans, etc into any open shelf which leads to chaos. Being the visual person that he is, these are very helpful for implementing easy to use systems. Shop it here.


Wishing you and organized and tidy 2021 and we’ll keep sharing some of our favorite simple home find on Instagram be sure you’re following @doraihome 


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