Preparing Your Garden For Spring? 9 Spring Gardening Tips

Preparing Your Garden For Spring? 9 Spring Gardening Tips

Spring is in full bloom. The plants are starting to sprout and the sun is shining, motivating us to get outdoors and enjoy the fresh air. 


The best time to start preparing your garden for spring is when the frost has lifted for the season. Ensuring that your yard is maintained will help set up your landscape for long-term health so you can get the most out of the warmer days ahead.


Whether you’re looking to landscape your space, clean up your yard, or upgrade your entertainment areas, we’ve put together our favorite spring gardening tips in preparation for the upcoming season.


General Cleanup

Rake or use a leaf blower to rid the yard of leaves, sticks, and debris that have piled up over the wintertime. Pull weeds from your lawn and planter boxes. Don’t forget to prune your landscaping and get rid of any dead plants. To prepare your garden for spring, this is also a great time to check your gutters to see if they are clogged.


Treat Your Lawn

Preparing your garden for spring means bringing your lawn back to life after the cold lull of winter. Start by aerating. Aerating will allow for fertilizer, water, and air to permeate into the root system, promoting growth for a lush lawn. 


Next up on your spring gardening prep list, check for bare patches in your lawn and plant grass seeds (learn about how to seed your lawn here). You can also add non-toxic fertilizer to your grass for added nutrients to help your lawn thrive. Experts recommend only a light fertilizer feeding in the spring because too much fertilizer can lead to excessive weeds.  


Revive Your Garden

The first step in getting a garden ready for spring is to prepare your soil. You can use a soil test to see pH and nutrient levels, which will help you understand what it needs to grow beautiful, healthy plants. 


We love using the soil tests from Sunday, a non-toxic yard care subscription that is customized to your soil. The first delivery includes a soil testing kit to get exactly what your yard needs, with solutions made from recognizable ingredients.


The winter can also often cause your soil to become compacted, making it unconducive to plant growth. To prepare your garden for spring, be sure to loosen up soil and add compost to improve soil fertility. After you’ve treated your soil, then it’s time to start planting! Finish off your garden bed with a thick layer of mulch, effective in keeping weeds at bay.


Assemble Your Spring Gardening Toolkit 

Let’s talk about tools. A little love for your spring gardening tools can go a long way. Start preparing your garden for spring by giving your blades a good sharpening, oiling up moving parts, and replacing anything that’s seen better days. 


After sharpening and oiling your tools, you can lay them out on a Dorai Dish Pad. Even though it’s mostly known for kitchen use, the Dish Pad’s instant-drying surface is perfect for keeping your tools dry and rust-free. Plus, its minimalist design in either Sandstone or Slate means it fits in with any patio or shed setup.


Trust me, having a set of well-maintained tools doesn’t just make garden prep for spring easier, they make it a whole lot more fun. There's something satisfying about working the soil of your yard with trowels, transplanters, and cultivators that are up to the task.


Get Pests Under Control

Spring gardening can become a buffet for pests. But, hey, to fend them off, there’s no need for harsh chemicals! Opt for environmentally-friendly methods to keep those critters at bay. Introduce some friendly bugs like ladybugs, which along with being cute, are also voracious aphid-eaters. 


For a more hands-off approach, try natural repellents like neem oil. It’s like an all-natural magic potion that keeps pests away without harming your precious plants. Trust me, your garden will thank you for choosing these gentle, effective solutions for controlling pests.


Flowers and Veggies for Spring

Spring is the perfect time to bring some life and color into your backyard. When preparing your garden for spring, think about planting flowers like tulips, daffodils, or pansies. And let’s not forget veggies, either. Not only are spinach, lettuce, and peas all easy to grow, but they’re also superfoods you can harvest for a healthier diet. 


Imagine plucking fresh greens right from your backyard! Planting flowers and veggies does double duty for your home: they beautify your garden and fill your table with fresh, home-grown produce. When thinking about how to prepare your garden for spring, that’s a win-win in our book!


Add Bird Feeders and Baths

Want to add a bit of wildlife magic to your garden? Setting up bird feeders and baths is a fantastic way to do just that. These little havens will attract birds, which are not only delightful to watch but also help in controlling pests and aiding pollination. 


Think about sipping your morning coffee to the soundtrack of chirping birds, splashing around in your garden. It’s like listening to nature’s own orchestra - right in your backyard! Plus, it adds an element of natural beauty and tranquility to your garden. 


So when you prepare your garden for spring, consider adding bird feeders and baths. They’re  like a warm welcome sign for nearby feathered friends.


Keep Your Garden Hydrated

When it comes to garden prep for spring, you can’t overlook the need for water. With the days getting warmer, those plants and veggies we hope you’re planting will need a steady drink. 


The trick is to water early in the morning. Why? Because it minimizes water loss due to evaporation and keeps any pesky fungi at bay. 


For an eco-friendly twist, you could consider installing a rain barrel. It's a smart spring gardening tip that helps you collect and reuse excess rain water. Your plants, planet, and wallet will all be happier for it.


Prepare Your Patio

Finally, it’s time to work on your patio. When thinking about how to prep your garden for spring, inspect to see if any repairs are needed. Once you get general maintenance taken care of, clean your deck and wash the windows to remove the dirt and grime that has accumulated from the winter months. 


You can go the extra mile in your spring garden prep and power-wash your entire exterior for a truly fresh finish. Wipe off and rearrange your outdoor furniture. Last, put up string lights, wind chimes, or anything else you’d like to add some personality to your patio.


Now that your garden prep for spring is through, it’s time to sit back and enjoy your space! Ready to take your backyard to the next level? Read our tips for turning your outdoor space into an oasis.


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