20 Self-Care Gifts For Mom She'll Love In 2024

20 Self-Care Gifts For Mom She'll Love In 2024

Dorai’s Mother’s Day Gift Guide for the Self-Care Mom

Let’s be honest, all the moms out there deserve a little bit of pampering. Not just during Mother’s Day, but all year long. Here at Dorai, we frame “self-care” as 'something that recharges your mental and emotional state'. This provides much more flexibility to make the act of loving and caring for oneself highly individual. It could be taking time to read a good book or going for a walk around the neighborhood. With that in mind, we created a list of our favorite self-care gifts for moms, from the conventional to the unconventional.


1. Amber Interiors Tub Caddy

For the mom that loves a soothing bath, this Tub Caddy is among our go-to self-love gifts thanks to its timeless design. Perfect for holding a book, a hot cup of tea, or other bathroom necessities.


2. Kindle Paper White

We love a good book, especially when it comes time to relax at the end of a long day. Thanks to the Kindle, the reader can dive into their favorite stories without having to carry around cumbersome hardbacks.


3. Dorai Large Bath Stone 

Create the ultimate spa experience with the customizable Large Bath Stone. Made with Diomat™ technology, this mat feels similar to a durable ceramic material and stays at room temperature (no cold toes please!).


4. Bink Day Bottle

Help mom stay hydrated with the Bink Day Bottle. A simple yet stylish self-care gift for mom, this  glass water bottle comes in 15 different colorways, features simple hydration tracking, and is dishwasher-safe.


5. Salt and Stone SPF Set

Summer is on the way which means investing in SPF is essential + it's the perfect practical mom self-care gift. This set features a natural mineral sunscreen lotion, an on-the-go sunscreen stick, and a sunscreen lip balm. A major bonus? It’s made from all clean ingredients.


6. Vitruvi Cloud Humidifier

The Cloud Humidifier hydrates the air in the home, which moisturizes skin, promotes deep sleep, and reduces congestion (hello allergy season). It’s a highly functional self-love gift but also looks great on a nightstand thanks to its sleek design.


7. Goop Body Brush

Easily unclog pores in the exfoliation process with this Body Brush. It helps increase blood circulation and promotes lymph flow/drainage by gently brushing skin from head-to-toe post-shower.


8. Pluto Pillow

Sleep like a dream with the Pluto Pillow, personalized for mom's comfort through a quiz. Its supportive foam core and custom cover, available in standard and king sizes, come with a 125-night trial.


9. Conair Foot Spa

Give mom the gift of relaxation with the Conair Foot Spa. Perfect for soothing tired feet with its bubbling soak and massage attachment, this self-care gift idea for mom is a spa day at home.


10. Gurin Luxury Rain Showerhead

Upgrade mom's shower to a spa experience with the Gurin Luxury Rain Showerhead. Its rainfall effect and high-pressure design promise a luxurious, everyday escape.


11. Brooklinen Mulberry Silk Eye Mask

Ensure mom's restful sleep with the Brooklinen Mulberry Silk Eye Mask. One of the most stylish and functional self-care gifts for mom, it blocks out light and prevents eye creases.


12. ThisWorks Deep Sleep Pillow Spray

Gift peaceful nights with ThisWorks Deep Sleep Pillow Spray. A simple spritz can transform bedtime into a serene slumber.


13. Mom and Me: A Coloring Book to Share

Bond over 'Mom and Me: A Coloring Book to Share.' It’s a creative and calming activity for mom and kids alike, filled with shared spaces and prompts.

14. Wavetools Therapy The Wave Tool

The Wave Tool from Wavetools Therapy is the perfect home massage solution. Easy to use, it’s a great self-care gift for mom to ease her muscle tension.


15. Society6 Summer Vista Yoga Mat

The Society6 Summer Vista Yoga Mat brings a touch of nature to mom's yoga practice. Its calming design is perfect for meditation and fitness.


16. Essential Oil Diffuser and Humidifier by ASAKUKI

The ASAKUKI Diffuser and Humidifier is a dual-purpose mom self-care gift, perfect for aromatherapy and improving air quality for a more relaxed home.


17. Calm App Subscription

For tech-savvy, wellness-focused self-care gift ideas for mom, the Calm App subscription is a treasure trove of meditation, mindfulness, and relaxation resources.


18. Kate McLeod The Mama Stone

Pamper mom with Kate McLeod's The Mama Stone, a luxurious skincare bar blending hydrating oils and cocoa butter for nourished skin.


19. doTERRA Beginner's Trio Essential Oils

Start mom's essential oil journey with the doTERRA Beginner's Trio. Lemon, peppermint, and lavender oils offer a refreshing and relaxing experience.


20. Therabody Smart Goggles

Splurge on mom's relaxation with a self-love gift like the Therabody Smart Goggles. These high-tech goggles offer massage, vibration, and heat for ultimate stress relief.


Dorai’s Mother’s Day Gift Guide for the Self-Care Mom

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