The 8 Best Kitchen Accessories of 2021 to Add to Your Holiday Wish List

It’s that time of year again! Christmas and holiday shopping are around the corner and we’re making our list and shopping early given this year’s supply chain craziness. We love to dive deep into all the new kitchen items released over the past year to evaluate which ones are worth splurging and which are a waste of space. . The kitchen is valuable real estate so we’re very careful when it comes to adding anything new. We love seeing new kitchen accessories popping up all over Instagram but sometimes it’s hard to know which are worth the hype. Today we’re here to help by sharing 8 kitchen accessories on our holiday wish list!


Caraway Cooking Set

Caraway Cookware Set 

We are always on the hunt for a good set of pans that are aesthetically pleasing, versatile, and non-toxic. That Caraway Cookware Set checks all of our boxes. Plus, they offer the most stunning color options and storage solutions.

Nutr Machine

Nutr Machine

We’re obsessed with making our own plant milk at home! Unfortunately, the process can be pretty time-intensive and messy. The Nutr Machine solves those problems by helping you simply create your own nut milk at home in minutes. Plus, creating your own helps cut down on trips to the store and trash.


Evermill Spice Rack

Evermill Spice Rack 

Spice up your food and look good while doing it! We’re in love with this beautiful spice rack that can go on your counter, on your wall, or in a drawer. Plus, all the spices to fill your jars are included.


Professional 8 hollow edge chef knife

Professional 8 Inch Hollow Edge Chef Knife

It’s easy to just use knives you’ve been using for years. We’ll be honest, we often fall victim to using knives that aren’t as sharp as they should be for optimal kitchen prep. That’s why this year we’re asking for a knife that gets the job done.


Dorai Dish Rack

Dorai Dish Rack

We may be biased, but we have to say when we added a dish rack to our kitchen that actually held more than 5 dishes and helped to prevent mold, our lives changed. We love that the Dorai Dish Rack is both practical and beautiful to look at on your counter.


Ode Brew Grinder

Nothing is better than a delicious cup of coffee brewed at home. Part of that process means having freshly ground beans. The Ode was designed to perfect your daily brewed coffee—AeroPress, pour-over, French press, cold brew, and more.

Brightland Olive Oil

We didn’t know how much we needed specific olive oil before trying Brightland. Did you know most olive oil you buy at the grocery store is actually expired? Yikes! This olive oil is full of pure ingredients, made in the USA, and is great for higher-temperature cooking. Plus, they have so many fun flavors!


Beast Blender

We love using a Vitamix when blending larger quantities, but when making our morning smoothies we’ve been on the hunt for something smaller. The Beast Blender is both efficient and comes with a removable on-the-go bottle you can use right after blending. Have you ever seen a cuter blender?

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