Unique Wedding Gifts for 2019

Unique Wedding Gifts for 2019

The spirit of love is in the air as we approach the wedding season. If you’re just not feeling the unclaimed potato peeler or set of towels from the registry, we have unique and personal wedding gift ideas that can both surprise and delight.

We teamed up with one of our favorite local gift stores, Evergreen Gallery and Framing, since they are resident experts in sourcing unique, memorable options for newlyweds.

Lampe Berger

Lampe Berger

You know we love a clean home and the less toxins required the better, which is why we’re drawn to Lampe Berger. These decorative fragrance lamps destroy odors and bacteria in the air, while increasing the oxygen levels and perfuming your environment. It’s available in a neutral fragrance (our pick) or alcohol based fragrance that burns clean and does not emit any harmful toxins or chemicals. Available at Evergreen Framing and other online sales channels.

Engraved Wood Cutting Board

Unique, engraved wood cutting board

Displaying wood cutting boards in the kitchen is definitely in style at the moment and what better way to personalize the space than a simple engraving. Whether the couple uses it for cooking or decor, it’s unique to them and will remind them of their special day for many meals. We found this one on Etsy

Dorai Bath Stone

Dorai Bath Stone Mat

Not only does the Dorai Bath Stone cut down on the amount of laundry required, it also improves the experience of the ‘second shower taker’ by ensuring a dry platform to step upon. No more soggy socks or mildew smell since this mat dries instantly, preventing any mold from growing. The Dorai Bath Stone makes an eco-friendly wedding gift for the summer. Shop the Bath Stone

Norm 'Bottle Grinder'

Norm Bottle Grinders

Let’s just put it out there, spending over $30 on salt and pepper grinders might be a bit extravagant, even for those as beautiful as the Norm Bottle Grinders. However when someone is gifting it to you it’s a welcome indulgence. We love the modern style these bring to any table and the durable ceramic design allows for these to be used with a variety of herbs. These will stay in the kitchen for years to come!

Modern 'Stowit' Jewelry Box

Stowit Box

Between the wedding and surrounding events, there’s no doubt new (often expensive) jewelry will be making its way into the home. We love the sophisticated, modern look of the Stowit box which allows for everything to be neatly stored and protected. It keeps counters clutter free (yes please!) and eliminates the need for bulky jewelry trees and trinket dishes. Available at Evergreen Framing and online channels.  

Gift Certificate to a Local Gallery

Evergreen Framing and Gallery Utah

Finally, marriage is a demonstration of a couple maturing into their next chapter. What better way to visually communicate this than helping them to bring home a quality piece of art. Giving them a gift certificate to a gallery provides the flexibility to find something that goes with their style and an opportunity to support a local artist. Art is often overlooked when registering, but very appreciated once in the home. We love the selection at Evergreen Framing & Gallery for any local Utah residents.

We hope you enjoy all the wedding festivities you have in store for the summer.  We'd love to hear your ideas for off-registry wedding gifts as well!



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