Update from the Founders on Dorai Pre-Orders & Kickstarter

Update from the Founders on Dorai Pre-Orders & Kickstarter

Any untraveled path inevitably presents barriers and unexpected obstacles. We are learning along the way and want to apologize for any delayed online or Kickstarter orders.

In February we had our inventory delivered to a fulfillment center in Chicago and were on track to have everything shipped out promptly. Unfortunately the fulfillment center did not properly import the orders into their software. As a result, some of the initial orders went out incomplete. We had to pause all shipments to allow the fulfillment center to look into the bug. We've tried to work with them over the last 2 weeks to make the situation right, however they have not been able to correct their continued errors or provide us with confidence that they'll be able to handle our orders in the future. 

This is not how we want your first experience with Dorai to go. We are doing everything we can to make it right. Jason will be flying out to the fulfillment center to load the inventory for it to be transported to Utah. Kelsey and Allysa will be helping to unload the inventory and personally oversee the correct order get sent out. Plan B is in action and we will have the orders out within the next 2 weeks.

We appreciate you supporting us through the weeds as we make it right. We are learning and improving everyday. Please reach out if you have any questions at all and we’ll personally provide you with an answer. Our sincere apologies from the Dorai team, we really want to deliver a product and experience we're proud of, and hope to put this behind us.


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