Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Him and Her

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Him and Her

Valentine’s day, you either love it or hate it. We empathize with both ends of the spectrum. Instead of thinking about Valentine’s Day as an arbitrary date in mid-February that pressures you into a crowded restaurant or to pay a 6x markup on roses, we prefer to think about it as a day to show love for yourself or anyone in your life. Here are a few indulgent gift ideas we've had our eye on that you can pass along to someone special or enjoy for yourself!

Valentine’s Gift Guide for Her

Dame Desire Gummies: These gummies help balance hormones, promote relaxation, and increase sexual desire. What’s even better, is that they are doctor formulated and clinically tested for results.

Dorai Bath Stone: You may not be able to take a trip to the spa for Valentine’s Day, but with the Dorai Bath Stone at least you’re one step closer. Unlike traditional bath mats that absorb moisture and generate bacteria, the Bath Stone™ mat is designed to instantly remove water, actually helping prevent mold.

Salty Face Tanning Water: A facial tanning water that’s perfect for sensitive skin. Includes added botanical extracts to help hydrate your skin during the dry winter months along with a sun-kissed glow.

Starling Signature Heart Charm:  Make your statement, and make it personal!  A unique heart-shaped pendant with loads of room for dates, handwritten names, or anything you can think up.

Grown Alchemist Body Cleanser: Cleanse the body without stripping your skin or leaving you feeling dry. This body cleanser is calming, conditioning, and revitalizing.

Lunya Washable Silk Set: Lightweight, machine-washable, and so cute! We love this effortless silk pajama set. Plus, it comes in multiple colorways!

Support a Local Florist: We love supporting talented artists. If you aren’t located in Utah, local florists can be found in most locations through a quick Instagram search.


Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Him and for Her

Valentine’s Gift Guide for Him

Dish Pad: Sick of mildewed dish towels? Meet the Dorai Dish Pad - now in Slate. It's the minimal, collapsible kitchen drying mat that dries instantly, preventing mold, mildew, and bacteria

Charging Pad + Catch All: We have to admit we are obsessed with this thoughtfully designed nightstand companion. Perfect for charging your phone, AirPods, and holding your watches or rings.

Bala Hourglass Roller: This foam roller is both aesthetically pleasing and perfect for speeding up recovery, stretching, and alignment.

Anza Coffee Concrete Espresso Machine: We can say without a doubt, this is the most beautiful espresso machine we have ever seen. It’s a bit of a splurge but well worth it for the high-quality, delicious espresso it will make.

Everdure Portable Grill: Grill anywhere without the mess. Perfect for tailgating for camping, this grill is easy to set up and clean.

Knock Me Out Soft-Chews: Each of these chews is formulated with melatonin as well as L-tryptophan and vitamin B6 to support the body’s own production of the hormone.

Recess Pickleball Paddle:  Pickleball is one of our favorite trending activities of the last few years. These Recess Paddles are made from a carbon fiber surface and have a honeycomb core.

 Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Him and for Her

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