Valentine’s Day Gift Guide to Show Yourself Extra Love

Let's be honest, Valentine's Day can be pretty polarizing and evoke mixed reactions when you start thinking about the frenzy for overpriced flowers or mediocre chocolate presented in a wasteful amount of heart-shaped packaging. But this year, we decided it may be worth putting a little more emphasis on love, and more importantly, self-love.

It took me a while to genuinely understand that 'self-care' may look unconventional. Given that I'm not inclined to want to sit in a bath or take a mid-day nap, self-care didn't resonate until it was framed as 'something that recharges your mental and emotional state'. This provides much more flexibility to make the act of loving and caring for oneself highly individual. It could be cuddling with your dog, sipping on hot chocolate while watching the snow fall, or going for a run in the mountains.

However Valentine's Day fits into your life, during this very mentally and emotionally draining period, we'd strongly encourage you to tune in to what recharges you and set aside some time for that. In case you're looking to show yourself some love this holiday season, here are 6 Valentine's Day gift ideas to consider. The items on this Valentine's Day Gift Guide have all been tested by the Dorai team and given the stamp of approval.

Osea Undaria Algae Body Oil
Soften and nourish your skin without feeling greasy! We love this body oil from Osea, especially during the dry winter months. This full-body glow is also made from clean ingredients. What more could you ask for? 


Eym Naturals Rest 

This candle from Eym Naturals is a go-to when it comes to finding something soothing to burn before bed. This candle includes fragrances such as camomile, sweet orange, and lavender, making it the perfect mix to send you right to sleep. Eym Naturals also carries candles that you can refill. Use the candle, save the container, and purchase a refill to be more sustainable. 


Dorai Sink Caddy

Experience a little bit of delight every time you wash your hands with the instant-drying Sink Caddy that keeps your space organized and prevents the puddles around the faucet. Our suggestion, pair this with a high end soap and lotion duo that you'll appreciate for the months to come. 

Maman: The Cookbook

Over 100 different recipes from breakfast all the way to dessert, including the made-famous-by-Oprah nutty chocolate chip cookie. Who can resist that? We love that this cookbook is a compilation of stunning photos, easy to make recipes, and entertaining ideas.


Cloud Cotton Duvet Cover Set

Nothing says self-care like a good night's sleep. For us, a comfortable bed with the perfect bedding is essential. That’s why we’ve loved investing in bedding that’s both aesthetically pleasing and so comfortable. This Cloud Cotton Duvet Set is made from Turkish cotton and will leave you counting down the hours before diving in each night.


Canyon Coffee

If you know us, you know we love supporting small businesses. We love Canyon Coffee for it’s delicious coffee as well as it’s adorable packaging. They offer memberships which makes getting coffee right to your door that much easier.