Valentine’s Day Gift Guide to Show Yourself or Someone Special Extra Love

Let's be honest, Valentine's Day can be pretty polarizing and evoke mixed reactions when you start thinking about the frenzy for overpriced flowers or mediocre chocolate presented in a wasteful amount of heart-shaped packaging. But this year, we decided it may be worth putting a little more emphasis on love, and more importantly, self-love.

Despite having more time at home, the boundaries between work, life, school childcare, etc, have all blended and it's so easy to slip into a state of burnout (guilty!). It took me a while to genuinely understand that 'self-care' may look unconventional. Given that I'm not inclined to want to sit in a bath or take a mid-day nap, self-care didn't resonate until it was framed as 'something that recharges your mental and emotional state'. This provides much more flexibility to make the act of loving and caring for oneself highly individual. It could be cuddling with your dog, sipping on hot chocolate while watching the snow fall, or going for a run in the mountains.

However Valentine's Day fits into your life, during this very mentally and emotionally draining period, we'd strongly encourage you to tune in to what recharges you and set aside some time for that. In case you're looking to show yourself some love this holiday season, here are 8 Valentine's Day gift ideas to consider (or pass along to a partner ;). The items on this Valentine's Day Gift Guide have all been tested by the Dorai team and given the stamp of approval.

Stone Porcelain Diffuser 

Not only does this diffuser make your space smell amazing, it's less likely to cause headaches compared to many synthetic candles. Plus this diffuser is stunning and fits in well with our stylistic preferences!


Herbivore Botanical Cocorose Lux Hydration Trio 

Our dry winter skin is craving some serious hydration and this trio is the answer! It's perfect for all skin types and smells incredible.


Dorai Sink Caddy

Dorai Sink Caddy

Experience a little bit of delight every time you wash your hands with the instant-drying Sink Caddy that keeps your space organized and prevents the puddles around the faucet. Our suggestion, pair this with a high end soap and lotion duo that you'll appreciate for the months to come. 


Mate Organic Cotton Sweatsuit - Sweatshirt & Jogger

Especially while we're WFH, this sweatsuit is the #1 uniform we need right now. It's stylish and ethically made using organic cotton so you can feel as good as you look. 


 Ritual Chocolate Subscription Box 

Approved by certified chocolate-lover Kelsey, Ritual makes out of this world small batch chocolate that's worth the splurge. This premium, smooth chocolate is delivered through a subscription box that comes right to your door? It's like we're in a dream (and supporting a small business)!  


Maude Bath Kit

Upgrade your tub routine with a handful of soaking salts and coconut milk bath. Just the branding alone makes us want to hop in the tub immediately. 


Sun Lamp 

If you've got the winter blues, this could help! Sun lamps can aide in boosting your serotonin during the dark, winter months. 


Happy Dance Feel Good Bundle 

Three ways to get to your happy place! This trio is made with premium CBD from Full Spectrum Hemp Extract to keep you extra calm. We haven't used it long enough to say if it's having a huge impact on inflammation, but we love the quality of ingredients (plus anything Kristen Bell... come on). 

Happy Valentine's Day from everyone at Dorai and we hope you show yourself some love in this year, you deserve it!