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Dry by Design

Your current bath mat is probably dirty and perpetually damp, with a splash of mold. You’re not a fan of filth, but cleaning mats is one more chore. Designed to expel moisture as it hits the surface, Dorai works overtime to keep your space mold and bacteria free. 

Made to Last

Your tastes change, your style changes, but function doesn’t. In alignment with our values to reduce harmful waste, we designed a solution made to outlast cheap mats that aren’t worth the hassle to clean. Dorai is simple and stylish, and comes with durable, removable covers that can change as often as your style does.

Safe for Homes

Chemicals are unwelcome visitors that will linger once in your home. The average household cleaner contains a cocktail of toxins, ridding your space of one mess but introducing another. That’s why we made sure Dorai was chemical free and safe for any surface, even food. This natural solution will keep moisture away, while acting as a powerful cleaning tool. Now that’s what we call multitasking.