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We Reinvented the Dish Rack.

Shipping December 2019: the first mold-preventing dish rack and pad, designed for dishes of your modern life.

The modern dish rack with customizable accesories


The minimal, collapsible dish drying pad with woven, silicone protection


Life Has Improved since the 50’s, Why Hasn’t Your Dish Rack?

Cloth and Foam Pads make a perfect breeding ground for bacteria.

Dish Racks are designed to hold plates and silverware, instead of the items we actually hand wash.

Vintage, Yes. Chic, no. Metal and Plastic cages look bad and leave puddles of water on counters.

A Dish Rack designed for your life

Diomat base instantly evaporates water to prevent mold and bacteria.

Built in cutting board holder and extra space for pots, pans and bowls.

Modern, Durable Steel rails that can be customized for your needs from home chef, to athlete to new moms and dads.

A Dish Pad that cleans itself

Made from antimicrobial diomat that causes water to instantly dissipate.

Mesh silicone keeps your dishes protected and your kitchen looking fresh and modern.

Folds down for smaller jobs and easy storage when not in use.