Large Bath Stone™

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Color Sandstone

Experience the same instant drying power as our Bath Stone™, now in double the size with a customizable blueprint. Patent-pending design has enabled us to create the largest diatomaceous earth bath mat on the market. Made with Diomat™ technology, this mat feels similar to a durable ceramic material and stays at room temperature (no cold toes please!). 

Unlike traditional bath mats that absorb moisture and generate bacteria, the Large Bath Stone™ is designed to instantly remove water, actually helping prevent mold. Customize your layout with 4 adjustable tiles to fit any space. The Large Bath Stone can be arranged in a rectangle, straight line, U-shape, and more. 

Includes 4 instant-drying tiles in the color of your choice, 4 non-slip rubber base pieces that nest the tiles, and 8 firm plastic connector pieces. This design is patent pending.

Dimensions: 31.6 in (width) X 22.3 in (length) X .6 in (tall)

  • Made with eco-friendly, non-toxic, and long-lasting materials.
  • Dries instantly thanks to Diomat®, our sustainable combination of diatomaceous earth and recycled paper.
  • Helps prevent bacteria growth by eliminating the moist environment where mold thrives.
  • Functional design created for the modern home.
  • This product is made from compressed diatomaceous earth and recycled paper, so white spots and slight color variation occur naturally in the production process.

Cleaning Instructions: If your stone gets stained, it can be cleaned in two ways. For light stains or scuffs use the included sanding tool to gently rub off any marks. We recommend doing the sanding in a well ventilated area. For more extreme stains, use a small amount of hydrogen peroxide or bleach to treat the area.

Why Get a Large Bath Stone?

Made from Algae

Dorai Home products are made from compressed diatomaceous earth and recycled paper.

Dries Instantly

Diatomaceous earth holds up to 150% of its weight in moisture and evaporates in seconds.

Sustainable Materials

Dorai creates sophisticated home solutions made from high-quality, sustainable materials.

The Modern Bath Mat, 2x the Size

Say goodbye to wet floors and hello to instant-drying technology with the Large Bath Stone. Elevate your bathroom with the chic, sustainable materials.

Adjustable Tiles for Your Space

Create a layout to keep your floors dry. 4 individual tiles and non-slip bases can be customized for any tub or shower.

Set it up for your space.

Customer Reviews

Based on 49 reviews
Not my favorite Dorai product

I want to start by saying that I have several Dorai products at home and have been in LOVE them which is why I ordered the large bath stone. Previous to owning this product, I would have given 10 stars all around and have influenced many of my friends to purchase these products.

We have an open shower and I was sick of always dealing with a wet bath mat so I figured the Dorai bath stone would be perfect. First off, it looks beautiful and matches the aesthetic of our room and I was extremely happy with it the first week or so. Unfortunately, after about a week I noticed some discoloration on the stones. I figured it just needed to dry but has not seemed to completely go away. I was really surprised because I have not had this issue with any of my other products.

Good product but..

It does keep the bathroom a little more dry and saves me from using a towel to step on when I get out of the shower plus it looks great and is versatile because you can change the shape or even split them in twos for two different areas. My downfall is two of the pieces warped after a few weeks. I wonder if I’m doing something wrong or if I should question it’s durability over time?

Thank you for your review. We are sorry that 2 of the tiles are warping. One of our customer support agents will reach out to help with replacements.

Five Stars

This is a very well made and effective product. Superior to other shower mats I’ve tried in the past. Item shipped quickly and I am very pleased with my purchase.

Love it so far

The product is performing as advertised. One stone arrived with a slight nick on the facing surface, so not sure if we should return or attempt to sand it out?


Large Bath Stone™