5 Easy Tips to Turn Your Outdoor Space into an Oasis

Between warmer temperatures and extra time spent working at home, it seems everyone is flocking to their yards. We’re no exception and are actively continuing the backyard xeriscape overhaul that we started last summer. Now is the perfect time to give your backyard a little makeover to impress your guests while entertaining over the 4th of July holiday. Today we’re sharing 5 easy tips to help you turn your outdoor space into an oasis.

 Use Plants to Your Advantage

We all have that ugly fence corner or spot in our yard that we hate to look at, not to mention that odd opening where your neighbors can see directly into your yard.  No fear because you can get creative with your plants. Create a privacy wall using your favorite quick-growing bushes or vine plant. These can be planted or placed in cute pots to form the perfect cover. This will help create a more upscale feel to your home + help your yard feel like an enclosed garden.

Outdoor plants in pots for your yard

Add Lights

This may seem simple but adding different lights to enhance your desired style makes a huge difference in any outdoor space. Add string lights across your patio or incorporate solar-powered garden lights to help create more ambiance. This year we’re adding a few simple, solar wall lights along our new horizontal planked fence to bring the modern style to life.

Picnic table in side yard


Invest in Items That Last 

When it comes to buying for your outdoor area, it can be difficult to commit to spending a lot of money on items that are outside 24/7. Unfortunately, that often means we end up buying something low quality and uncomfortable. If you truly want your outdoor space to be an oasis, treat it like one! Invest in furniture and accessories that are actually comfortable and useful. Some of our favorites include our outdoor furniture set from Article and our Dorai Bath Stone to use while watering our outdoor plants.

Basil plant with seed packets

Create Shade

We love catching some vitamin D on our balcony or patio but to be comfortable all summer long, shade is essential. Add a cute umbrella (we love this list) or add a vine-covered pergola. We finally invested in a proper pergola with a canvas covering (which we’ve been talking about for years but never got around to actually doing) during a Memorial Day sale. It makes it so much more enticing to have guests outside without requiring an audacious construction project. Practical and chic!

backyard patio deck covered in greenery


Eliminate Weed, Without Harsh Chemicals

On the topic of practicality, we removed our grass last year and opted for turf mixed with rock. We hoped that the days of pesky weeds would be behind us, alas weed lived up to their reputation and returned. We’re not quick to grab for the Round Up, knowing the main ingredient Glyphosate can be harmful to humans, but we also needed a solution. After some research, we opted for Preen. While it does require you to pick all existing weeds, it’s a safe and effective preventative after it’s been properly applied. According to their website, “Preen Natural Vegetable Garden Weed Preventer is made with 100 percent corn gluten, a natural herbicide that works as a pre-emergent — it keeps weed seeds from sprouting. And, Preen Natural Vegetable Garden Weed Preventer is safe to use around children and pets.” We’re hoping it’s a bit more effective than the Sunday Weed Treatment we used last summer. 


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