Healthy Holiday Gift Guide 2018 Under $50

Healthy Holiday Gift Guide 2018 Under $50

We’ve collected a few of our favorite holiday gifts under $50 for that special someone who has an appreciation for a healthy lifestyle. You can feel good this holiday season knowing these conscientious gifts will be appreciated by your loved ones and you’re supporting companies with shared values.

1. Dorai Bath Mat: World's Driest Bath Mat $44.99

Give your loved ones a natural sanctuary in their home with the Dorai Bath Mat. This mission driven bath mat is designed to instantly remove water. Unlike traditional synthetic mats that absorb moisture and generate bacteria, Dorai is made from a natural material that rapidly evaporates water, eliminating mold. Pre-order it today. 

2. Truthpaste: Advanced Botanical Toothpaste $18

We discovered Truthpaste this fall after meeting fellow entrepreneur and co-founder Kirsten Merinda, and it’s safe to say we’re hooked, traditional toothpaste doesn’t stand a chance. It’s formulated with a mixture of high quality clays and essential oils, leaving your teeth feeling smooth and refreshed, without any lingering sweetness. As someone who has sensitive teeth and a compulsive brushing habit, I say with sincerity that Truthpaste will be replacing my previous Sensodyne dependency. It sells out fast so grab it when you can!  Buy it here.

3. Moonrise Creek: Nourishing Body Moisturizer $14.00 (Holiday Sale Price)

The change of seasons and holiday rush can wreak havoc on your skin. We’re all guilty of consuming ‘not so wholesome’ indulgences this time of year, why not treat your body to something pure and delicious? This synthetic and fragrance free formula moisturizes without leaving any greasy residue. Around the holiday season, everyone benefits from a bit of help with their outer and inner illumination. Buy it here.

4. Touchland Hand Sanitizer: Deep Hydrating & Cleansing Spray $12

We stumbled upon Touchland’s Kickstarter campaign and were instantly inspired, both as creatives and customers. We appreciate clean hands as much as clean spaces, and this natural hydrating sanitizer smells delightful while eliminating nasty chemicals. A perfect stocking stuffer for this cold and flu season. We got the 3 pack and continue to be inspired by their creative branding. Buy it here.

5. Four Sigmatic: Superfood Mushroom Coffee $15

The hype around mushrooms and adaptogens is in full force, but we happen to think these guys are worthy of it. We love coffee year-round and consumption tends to increase in December. Since we tend to reach for that extra cup, this is a better solution to improve focus, productivity and creativity, while boosting your immunity functions. Buy it here. 

6. Natural Annie’s Essentials: Lusciously Scented Soy Candles $16 - 23

If we’re home and it’s the holiday season, you can bet there’s a candle burning. You can feel even better burning Annie’s candles for a variety of reasons: no toxins released in your house, eco-friendly ingredients, and you're supporting a female entrepreneur with shared values. Buy it here.


You can view all of our holiday guides on PinterestBest of luck with your shopping this holiday season and we hope you stay healthy!



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