Holiday Gift Ideas for Guys

Holiday Gift Ideas for Guys

It's time for last minute shopping and finding that perfect stocking stuffer for the guy in your life. Why is it so much harder to buy presents that guys will both love and use than it is to shop for women's gifts? If they want it, they order it off Amazon, and they don't find that infamous Lululemon bag nearly as thrilling as their female counterparts. In our shopping endeavors, we've collected last minute gift ideas for guys that are unique, functional, and support conscientious brands that we love. Happy shopping!

Dorai Travel Bag: Self Drying and Minimal in Design

No one likes reaching into a moist travel or cosmetic bag after days of travel. This bag is simple yet refined in design and has a clear advantage to others with the moisture removing Dorai stone insert that lines the bottom. Great for the guy who travels frequently or hits the gym on the way to work. Pre-Order Now

Proof Sunglasses: Sustainably Crafted Glasses

Proof is another company we learned about through Shark Tank and loved the entrepreneur's passion and desire to maintain brand integrity. We love the versatility in frame style to complement lots of men’s face shapes, and the exposed wood makes for a crafted look. Similar to Dorai, these glasses are made from sustainable materials and we’re big fans of eco-friendly style. Shop Proof Sunglasses

Cotopaxi Bag: Adventure Gear for Good

Cotopaxi is a fellow Utah brand that we look up to for their durable products and the stories behind them. The Bactac backpack is purposefully eye-catching with its retro color combos, as each pack is made with remnant materials and the employees sewing it together are empowered to choose the designs. Unique, creative, highly functional, it’s a perfect guys gift. Shop Cotopaxi Backpacks

Olio Beard Oil: Sustainable, Premium Beard Care

Beards are in and so is manscaping, this hits on both trends with a natural spin. Olio is another local Utah company whose beard care line is therapeutic and moisturizing but won’t leave any residue. If you wouldn’t put it in you, you shouldn’t put in on you and Olio is a refreshing, plant-based solution that both him and her will appreciate. Shop Olio Beard Oil

Dude Wipes: Biodegradable, Hygienic and Delightful

Yes, this is another Shark Tank product that we (Jason) came to love. Let’s all be honest, why do we ever mature from using wipes? It’s so much more delightful. For the outdoorsman and active guys on the go these are a must to feel refreshed and eliminate odor. They are made of biodegradable fibers so you don’t have to feel guilty to get clean. They have a variety of solutions, we suggest one for the glovebox, one for the gym bag and one for the office. Shop Dude Wipes

Refresh Glass Bourbon Set: Upcycled Glasses made from Wine Bottles

We love the raw and distinct look of these versus the average, old-man Whiskey glass. They are a perfect convo piece to have for cocktail hour and bring a personal touch to gift giving. Refresh has a mission to repurpose 10 million wine bottles, making these an eco friendly gift for the Old Fashioned drinker in your life. Shop Refresh Glass Sets

We hope you and the guys in your life have a delightful holiday season and fruitful New Year!



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