How To Organize A Fridge: 8 Fridge Organization Ideas

How To Organize A Fridge: 8 Fridge Organization Ideas

Is there anything more satisfying than having your fridge or pantry stocked with your favorite food? We absolutely love the feeling of coming home from our favorite local stores to a canvas of fresh ingredients to enjoy throughout the week. 

Unfortunately, there is one thing that can dampen our home chef creativity: pantry and fridge organization

Whether the holidays are in full swing or spring is in full bloom,  we are constantly in the pursuit of organizational bliss. That’s why we’re sharing a few of our favorite refrigerator organization ideas to get your kitchen in tip-top order and shape.


Group Like Items in Clear Bins 

Clear bins are the perfect accessory fridge organization, while still being able to see the items you have. Start by taking an audit of the natural food groupings you have in your fridge and freezer. Start to assess the size of each and how often you want it to be restocked to determine the proper bin dimensions. 

Make a list of items you always have before shopping for containers to organize your fridge and plan accordingly. Delegate certain bins to different types of food such as vegetables, fruits, sauces, nut butter, yogurt, boxed frozen items, bagged frozen items, etc. We love the price and functionality of these clear bins for freezer and fridge organization.



Create Labels for Categorized Bins

This fridge-organizing tip may seem self-explanatory but oftentimes we’re caught looking for a condiment that’s somehow ended up in the dairy section. Keep your fridge and pantry separated by similar items! If you need an extra push to help your family keep things in their place, snag a label maker to make their location more defined. 

This helps people quickly grab what they need, but also makes it very evident when items are running low and need to be refilled in a specific grouping. Bonus tip to organize refrigerators: while going through each group, check the expiration date and put any duplicates in the back, prioritizing the older item closer to the front to be consumed quicker.


Airtight Containers + Pre-measured Scoops

When it comes to our pantry, things can quickly turn to chaos as boxes and bags full of different items are being added to our shelves. We have loved incorporating these sealable kitchen containers to keep the things we use most often fresh and accessible. 

If possible, we try to buy larger quantities of staples such as oats, flour, rice, and seeds to save on cost and packaging waste. We typically fill each container and then store the extra in the hard to reach areas (such as the top shelf of the pantry or behind appliances) until we run out, reminding us to add it to our list! 

To make your days even easier, save the disposable measuring cups from things like protein powder and keep them on top of your airtight canister. Many of the disposable scoops are conventional sizes or you can measure it with a measuring cup and draw a line to indicate the serving size. This makes it seamless to grab a serving without having to find the proper measuring cup or create additional dirty dishes.



Make Things Fresh and Eliminate Moisture

Much of our perception around the desirability of food comes from our sense of smell. With that in mind, no one wants to open their fridge and be hit with unpleasant odors. Snag a baking soda filter to organize your fridge and to help it smell fresh! Don’t forget to change it out every 3 months for ultimate freshness. 

If you have sections that get damp from condensation such as defrosting frozen items or rinsing veggies and storing them in the fridge, the best way to organize fridges (in our humble opinion) is to put a Dorai Dish Pad on the shelves. Just remember to only use it for items that won’t lead to stains such as dark liquids. 


Utilize Vertical Space with Shelf Risers

Ever look inside your refrigerator and feel like there’s just not enough room? Well, here's a little secret for how to organize fridges: going vertical can work wonders. By tapping into the often-overlooked vertical space of your refrigerator, you make everything from those leftover jars to that half-eaten cake more reachable and visible. 

Enter the magic of shelf risers. These handy helpers lift your items up, letting you easily spot and grab what you need without moving everything around. And with adjustable or stackable options, they fit snugly in fridges of all shapes and sizes, making fridge organization a breeze. It’s like giving your fridge a mini-makeover, where every item gets the front-row seat it deserves!


Designate a Snack Zone

Imagine opening your fridge and finding a treasure trove of ready-to-eat snacks, all neatly arranged for the taking. That’s the joy of having a dedicated snack zone. 

Having a snack zone creates a go-to spot for healthy snacks and treats. Use a bin or drawer to stash pre-portioned snacks like crunchy veggies, juicy fruits, or string cheese. Placing this snack zone at eye level, especially if you have kids, makes it a breeze to grab something healthy when you’re in a rush and on the go.

This little trick is one of our favorite fridge organization ideas because it promotes better eating habits and keeps hunger at bay with minimal fuss. Who knew a little fridge tweak could be so rewarding for our health?


Implement a First In, First Out (FIFO) System

Smart fridge organization starts with waving goodbye to food waste. We teased this kitchen tip earlier, but we’re going to expand on it here: adopt a first in, first out (FIFO) system to ensure that nothing gets buried and forgotten. 

Begin by placing items closer to their expiration dates at the front, while tucking away newer groceries behind them. For an even smoother rotation, consider incorporating rotating lazy Susans or using those designated bins we recommended earlier. 

This not only simplifies refrigerator organization but also champions a more sustainable kitchen by significantly reducing waste. As one of our top fridge organization ideas, it's a small change that makes a big impact, guaranteeing you eat what you have efficiently.


Dedicate a Leftover Station with Date Labels

Let's rethink how we view leftovers! Designating a specific area in your fridge as a leftover station streamlines meal planning and cuts down on food waste. As one of our favorite refrigerator organization ideas, this not only keeps it orderly, but also makes it easy to spot and use leftovers before they go bad.

Opt for clear containers with date labels to keep track of storage duration. Organize these containers by size and meal type for effortless selection. By establishing this system, you organize your fridge, minimize waste, and embrace a resourceful lifestyle.

Plus, it makes deciding on your next meal a breeze!


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