Kelsey's 5 Favorite Things to Cool Down in August

Kelsey's 5 Favorite Things to Cool Down in August

August is a tricky month, I’m torn between the excitement of fall on the horizon and the desire to soak in the final warm days of summer. Don’t worry, I’m not quite ready to reach for everything pumpkin spice but this year has felt exceptionally hot and limiting in terms of what activities we can do outdoors. Here are a few of my refreshing favorites to help you survive the final hot days of summer.

Kelsey's 5 favorite things for August

Chocolate cherry smoothies with Vega plant-based protein powder.

I’m normally an oatmeal and eggs girl, but when I get back from a morning run and it’s already 90 degrees, I need something cold and delicious. My go-to recipe is half a frozen banana, half a cup of frozen dark cherries (pitted), a handful of ice, ¾ cup of cauliflower rice, and half a scoop of Vega Sport Chocolate Protein Powder. It’s the perfect ‘in between’ drink to start the day before I’m ready for a full breakfast. I add this protein powder to so many things from baked goods to oatmeal. 


Dorai Slate Bath Stone with body wash

Necessaire Eucalyptus Exfoliant and Unscented Lotion.

Is it just me or do thick lotions in the summer make you feel sticky and gross? We live in a dry climate, so I’m not one to shy away from good body butter, but I find this time of year I need something lighter. I love Necessaire's combo of the eucalyptus exfoliant in the shower to refresh the skin followed by the lotion. It’s not overly heavy, it rubs in well and keeps my skin hydrated despite my 2 showers a day.

Dorai Dog Bowl unboxing

Dorai Dog Bowl + Stone Base.

I am thrilled that we can finally share the tidy goodness that we’ve experienced in our home with the Dorai Dog Bowls + Stone Base with the rest of you. When we brought home our first pup, Kingston, I recall spending way too much time looking for the perfect bowl and clean feeding mat solution, I ended up compromising on a tacky bone-shaped rubber pad that didn’t last more than a month. It was the complete opposite of our current setup. The design is so pleasant to look at, the nested bowl slots in the rapid-drying base are extremely functional. The bowls are modern and dishwasher safe which is a must for how often I like to change out the water.

Topo Chico on Dorai Slate Coasters

Twist of Lime Topo Chico.

I hate to admit this one because I thought all sparking water was relatively the same and you were paying for fancy branding with Topo Chico, but I stand corrected. Jason picked up a case (on sale mind you) and they have been such a delightful afternoon treat. The bubbles are somehow smaller and the flavor is purer. It’s still on the spendy side for my taste, but I get what the hype is all about, and when there’s a good sale, do yourself a favor and pick some up. Just remember to always use a Slate Stone Coaster under it to protect your nice surfaces from condensation.

Vitruvi Diffuser with Citrus Oils.

Similar to my comment about stuffy lotion, I can’t handle too heavy or sweet fragrances, especially in the summer. I still enjoy fresh scents to flow throughout the house and have gravitated towards the uplifting citrus category lately. I’ve been loving grapefruit, tangerine, and sweet orange. If I want to add a little more of a cooling feel, I drop in a bit of peppermint to diffuse alongside the citrus.

Enjoy these refreshing tips as we close out summer and prepare for the ‘back to busy’ pace of life!


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