Dog Bowls + Stone Base

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Sick of wet, dirty floors surrounding unattractive dog bowls? That's why we created the Dorai Dog Bowls + Stone Base made with diatomaceous earth that's designed to instantly remove water, helping to prevent mold. Finally, a pet feeding station that complements your design style and cleans up after your adorable, often messy, furry friends. 

Includes 2 bowls made of dishwasher-safe ceramic that hold up to 4 cups each. The base features 2 debossed dog bowl holders, one with an extra water gutter, and a non-slip base. Keep your floors tidy and your pets happy!

Dimensions: Base - 23.6in (length) x 15.4in (width) x .4in (tall) //  Bowls - 6.25in (width) x  2.6in (tall) // Volume - 32 oz

  • Made with eco-friendly, non-toxic, and long-lasting materials.
  • Dries instantly thanks to Diomat®, our sustainable combination of diatomaceous earth and recycled paper.
  • Helps prevent bacteria growth by eliminating the moist environment where mold thrives.
  • Functional design created for the modern home.

Cleaning Instructions: If your stone gets stained, it can be cleaned in two ways. For light stains or scuffs use the included sanding tool to gently rub off any marks. For more extreme stains, use a small amount of hydrogen peroxide or bleach to treat the area.

Why Get the Dog Bowl + Base?

Food Safe Materials

The base is made from food-grade diatomaceous earth and recycled paper. Good for the environment and your home!


No more wet pet mats. Diatomaceous earth holds up to 150% of its weight in moisture and evaporates in seconds.

Dishwasher Safe

Dorai Dog Bowls are made of high-quality ceramic. Eco-friendly and dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.

Meet the Modern Dog Bowls + Base

Sick of tacky dog bowls that stick out like a sore thumb in your chic home? Stop hiding those outdated dog dishes in the corner and upgrade to the Dorai Bowl + Base that's as stylish as it is functional.

No More Wet Floors or Sliding Bowls

Forms meets function with the Dorai Dog Bowl base that made of instant-drying diatomaceous earth. Nested bowl holders and a non-slip base help prevent sliding.

Customer Reviews

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tina kim
Dog bowls

The dog bowls are beautiful, stylish and functional. I wish I paid more attention to the size because they are too big for my 8 pound dog, (although he’s used to them now and uses them just fine). Would be great if the dog bowls had size options ie small 5-10 pounds, medium (11-20) large (20-40). I would say these bowls are more for a medium sized dog up to 30 pounds.

jacqueline guenfoud

I wish the caddies were a little larger Otherwise I love the way I just absorbs the water immediately it is like the best thing to have for your pets and for the kitchen sink

Ranga Chidawanyika

The dog bowls are the best I've ever used. No more water everywhere. :)

Good purchase

The Dog bowls and stone base arrived shortly after ordering. They are attractive and easy to keep clean. We are happy with our purchase. 5 star rating

Kathy Chalmers

I love the products! I wish the bowls were bigger. I have Goldens and have to fill them several times a day! The concept keeps the mess down, however. A Great product.