The 13 Best Healthy Pumpkin Snacks for Fall 2020

The 13 Best Healthy Pumpkin Snacks for Fall 2020

To celebrate the first days of fall, we’ve rounded up our favorite healthy pumpkin food items that are available at many grocery stores! If we’re being honest, we’ve been looking forward to this day since the temperatures dropped dramatically in early September. While we’re not as wild about the cold weather, it’s never too early to stock the pantry with pumpkin spice snacks. 

Every year we secretly celebrate the return of pumpkin infused products. As much as we love the summer, we love pumpkin spice. Our team also loves to scour health food stores to find easy, healthy snacks that fit our gluten-free, dairy-free, and low sugar lifestyle. Illustration by Chloe Hearts Art

Here's our 2020 healthy pumpkin snack lineup. What did we miss?   


Dorai Pumpkin Spice

Califa Farms Pumpkin Creamer

Our team goes crazy for all things Califa Farms, and this pumpkin creamer is no exception. It's thick, like half and half, but it's dairy-free! The pumpkin flavor is strong without being overpowering. 


Purely Elizabeth Pumpkin Cinnamon Ancient Grain Granola 

We keep Purely Elizabeth Granola on hand at photoshoots because it's our favorite thing to snack on. Most our team is gluten-free, so we're excited to find an option that suits our needs and incorporates pumpkin spice! Bonus: it's vegan!


Lara Bar Pumpkin Pie

Not only did Larabars get us through our respective experimentations with Whole30, but they taste amazing at all times. Pro tip: keep in the fridge and try all the seasonal flavors - they bring an extra dessert element beyond the year-round options.


Simple Mills Almond Flour Pumpkin Muffin/Bread Mix

We are 100% guilty of stocking up on this baking mix and making it all year long. While we prefer the muffin version, you can't go wrong with a good loaf! Add Stevia sweetened dark chocolate chips. 


Nature's Path Gluten-Free Pumpkin Waffles

This recommendation comes from founder Kelsey, who is a total sucker for tasty, gluten-free freezer waffles (at all hours of the day... and night). Her stamp of approval is all we need!

Laird Pumpkin Spice Superfood Creamer

We just discovered this brand in the refrigerated version and our whole team has been enjoying this every morning! Is there such thing as too many seasonal creamers? We think not :) 


Dairy-Free Halo Top in Pumpkin Pie

Anyone interested in healthy alternatives for nightly ice cream sessions knows that Halo Top is one of the best. We love the dairy-free line made with coconut milk and the pumpkin pie flavor is Thanksgiving level good.  


Terra Chips, Pumpkin Spice Sweets

Sweet potato everything, please and thank you. These chips have a sweet and salty flavor from cinnamon and nutmeg that is so addicting and perfect for fall. We recommend getting 2 bags, you won't want to share. 


RX Bar in Pumpkin Spice

This seasonal variety from RX Bar is perfect for the health conscious, pumpkin spice lover on-the-go. While some find RX bars a bit too chewy for their liking, we enjoy the twist the fall spice brings to the OG basic ingredient bar.  


Tazo Chai Pumpkin

Chai Tea is a warm weather essential made better with pumpkin spice. Make a tea latte with this for a healthy version of the classic Pumpkin Spice Latte!


Paleonola Pumpkin Pie

Because our Paleo friends deserve delicious granola to snack on, this grain-free option is flavorful and adds nice texture on top of our favorite yogurt.  


Siggi’s Pumpkin Yogurt

If you eat dairy yogurt, Siggi's is the way to go. This high-quality Icelandic yogurt is high-protein and low sugar. The pumpkin spice flavor tastes amazing with the granola we recommended!


Crio Bru in Pumpkin Spice

Let's be honest, we have enough variables spiking our cortisol in 2020 and sometimes our systems deserve a break from coffee. This is our go-to when we're trying to avoid cortisol rushes and caffeine crashes, but want to maintain our beloved warm beverage morning ritual. Crio Bru is a coffee alternative that tastes and brews just like it. 


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