Dorai's 2020 Holiday Gift Guides: The BEST Gift Ideas for Mom for the Home

Is it just us or are moms so fun to buy gifts for during the holiday season? Maybe it's that they are always gracious about the gifts they receive, or it's our way of saying thanks for their selfless efforts throughout the year. When it comes to buying gifts for mom, we aspire to find unique gifts that are meaningful, practical, and ideal for the home, since we're all spending more time there this year. We asked ourselves, our moms, and friends of the team what we should get our moms for Christmas. Here are our favorites that we hope make their way into our homes:

  • Dorai Dish Pad + Rack: Make her life easier! The Dorai Dish Pad + Rack is something the whole family can use, and it won't ruin the design of your home. 
  • Kindle Reader: Reading is the best escape, and the new Kindle Paperwhites are lightweight, portable, and enjoyable in the dark before bed, and outside in the sun. Bring it anywhere!
  • Always Pan: Not only is this pan multi-functional, but stylish. It comes in so many gorgeous colors and has amazing reviews.
  • Girlfriend Collective: Ethically made activewear, loungewear, and leggings. They have the best color and fabric selections. 



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