Utah Holiday Gift Guide 2019 - Refreshed

We’re sharing our collection of Utah inspired gift ideas for your friends and family that support our local economy. During this heavy shopping season, we love the opportunity to #buylocal and it’s rewarding to see so many Utah born companies creating eco-chic products. 

For the Home Chef

Dorai Dish Pad $69.99

Dorai Dish Pad

Since launching on Thanksgiving, the Dorai Dish Pad has been our top-selling item and makes a great gift for all kitchens because of its compact, portable size. The Dish Pad is the perfect alternative to the musty hand towel and instantly dries to keep your home clean and classy. We're gifting this to lots of friends this year! 

Tree Hugger Granola

Tree Hugger Granola

Looking for a good stocking stuffer or Christmas morning breakfast? Tree Hugger Granola is a delicious option. Their mission is to provide you with the clean energy you need to fuel your adventures with their tasty European style granola. This will be in our stocking and on our table. 

Ritual Chocolate: Crafted, Bean to Bar ChocolateDark Chocolate Made in Utah

If I had to choose one thing to eat for the rest of my life it would 100% be chocolate, but not just any chocolate - the strong, smooth and rich variety. Ritual has captured that in their small-batch bean-to-bar offerings. I love a bar of good dark chocolate and these are truly exceptional in their smooth, yet rich flavor that eliminates the bitterness often associated with an 80%+ cocoa bar. I'm keeping my eyes peeled for a chocolate tasting event ;) Buy Ritual Chocolate

Butcher's Bunches Drizzle Fig 

Utah Gift IDeas

We love Butcher's Bunches philosophy of using real Utah fruits to create delicious glazes and jams. We're excited to try this Drizzle Fig with our Christmas feast. Made from balsamic vinegar and fig puree there are few things this wouldn't pair well with! 

For the Home Body

Dorai River Rock Coaster: Instantly Drying Coasters $29.99

Modern Design Coaster minimal

Your favorite wine and design-loving friend will appreciate these nature-inspired coasters to sip with ease while eliminating watermarks. Each coaster embodies a unique shape and pattern that emulate river stones, while providing the same bacteria preventing benefits as other Dorai Home products. Shop Coasters Now

Loom Love Journal

Loom Journal

This journal is the latest addition to the Loom family and we love that it inspires thoughtful conversations between couples. In our ever-distracted and attention consumed world, we can all benefit from a little help to start the convo. We also love the founder, Kimberly's mission of fostering connectivity in families through journaling. Pre-Order Loom Love Journal

Cozy Earth Bedding: Premium Bamboo Bedding

Cozy Earth Bedding Organic Sheets

We were lucky enough to get a set of these at their local warehouse sale and they are amazingly comfy and breathable! Having an inviting sleep sanctuary is a must in our home and these sheets are made of bamboo, making them both soft and effective in regulating body temp - a big need in our house. We love the overall look and tone of this brand and hope they continue to do amazing things. Shop now


Lady Scrib Hoops & Necklaces

  Lady Scrib Hoop Shop

A gift feels so much more meaningful when it's handmade and Kassie is a true craft master. She brings her spunky creativity and humor to every embroidery project. When you shop Lady Scrib you're sure to get a unique stitched hoop or necklace that your friends and family will LOVE. We adore everything on her website!   

Honey Coast Candles

Honey Coast Candle

We LOVE a good candle but it's important to know what's in the wax that you're burning and inhaling. Not only does Honey Coast create dreamy seasonal smells that bring you home or take you on vacation, but they use soy wax and cotton wicks, making it safe to burn in your space. We can't wait to try the Home for the Holiday scent! 

Olio Skin Care

Natural skincare made in Utah

Let’s face it, Utah is dry. Combine that with changing seasons and your skin can suffer. Allysa turned us on to this company because of their natural, healthy ingredients and the efficacy of their solutions. Skincare is individualized but we believe you shouldn’t put anything on your skin that you wouldn’t put in it, and these guys have built their brand on that philosophy. Shop Olio

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