Dorai Dish Rack Close Up with Accessories
Dorai Dish Rack with Accessories and dishes in kitchen
Dorai Dish Rack with Utensil Holder
Dorai Dish Rack with Utensil Holder

Utensil Holder for the Dish Rack

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Have spatulas, spoons, or straws that don't belong in the dishwasher? The Utensil Holder securely hooks onto the side of the Dish Rack to capture all those extras that require hand washing. Made of steel, this durable dish rack utensil holder has a divider in the middle to keep your items upright and tidy while they dry. The bottom has holes so water can drain from the utensil basket onto the instant-drying Diomat base.

  • Made with eco-friendly, non-toxic, and long-lasting materials.
  • Dries instantly thanks to Diomat®, our sustainable combination of diatomaceous earth and recycled paper.
  • Helps prevent bacteria growth by eliminating the moist environment where mold thrives.
  • Functional design created for the modern home.

Cleaning Instructions: If your stone gets stained, it can be cleaned in two ways. For light stains or scuffs use the included sanding tool to gently rub off any marks. We recommend doing the sanding in a well ventilated area. For more extreme stains, use a small amount of hydrogen peroxide or bleach to treat the area.

Why Get the Dish Rack?

Icon representing algae
Made from Algae

Dorai Home products are made from compressed diatomaceous earth and recycled paper.

Icon representing puddle drying
Dries Instantly

Diatomaceous earth holds up to 150% of its weight in moisture and evaporates in seconds.

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Eco-Chic Design

Dorai creates sophisticated home solutions made from high-quality, sustainable materials.

Old rusty dish rack
Old stained dish mat
Old Dish Racks Breed Bacteria

Trade in your outdated, moldy kitchen dish rack for a solution that doesn’t allow gross organisms to thrive.

Meet the Modern Dish Rack

The Dish Rack allows water to drain and air to circulate around your dishes so they dry faster and cleaner.

Dorai Dish Rack with dishes
Dorai Dish Rack with dishes in kitchen

Customer Reviews

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Anne Johnson
needs a little bit of re-engineering

I love the dish rack, the cup holders, the knife holder...but this utensil holder needs a little re-engineering. I was reading through the reviews and see that I am not the only one that has the same issue of utensils falling out the bottom of the outside of the holder, or flopping over in the middle. The divider in the middle needs to be either a solid piece or at least the bottom half needs to be extended to the bottom so the end of your utensil cannot slip through. The outside of this holder also needs to be a solid piece that is attached to the bottom plate.. I want to suggest 3 compartments instead of 2 very long and wide compartments so everything stands up more vertically.
Looking forward to seeing what you come up with for the second generation.


I discovered the utensil rack naturally sits at a slight angle when it is installed, which allows water to stand in the bottom on one side, out of reach of the holes. I carefully bent my utensil rack (by pushing forward on the lower side facing me, while it is installed, until it is vertical). This allows much quicker and better drainage through the holes.

poor design

I love the overall concept but the utensils holder doesn't work so well. Items fall through or get stuck. Redesign maybe?

Leslie Lynch
Rusts after a while.

Great concept, bad design. Rusts after a while and utensils fall out all the time.

Bradley Shepperd
Utensil Holder

Overall the holder is solid with a good capacity for multiple sets of utensils. I am getting rust spots on the bottom of the inside of the holder I’m not sure where they are coming from because I don’t see and scratches or knicks in the paint.