Dorai Gift Guides 2020: Holiday Gifts for the Chic & Sustainable Home

Sustainability is becoming an integral part in so many of our lives, so why not shop for gifts that embody those values this holiday season? With many impressive brands emerging in recent years, it's obtainable to have the best of both sustainability and style when it comes to home products! 

Here are some gift ideas for anyone who loves to outfit their home with better options for the planet. Bonus tip; did you know many wrapping papers aren’t recyclable? Instead, use kraft paper made of 100% recycled material and decorate it with some foraged greenery for a less wasteful unwrapping celebration. 

  • Dorai Dish Pad: Chores will start to feel less like chores. Save money and hassle by purchasing our bundles, so you can gift multiple friends at once. 
  • Larq Water Bottle: Not only will it keep your water cold, but it will purify it as well! 
  • Gathre Home Mats: Soft, durable, and convenient in spaces that receive a lot of wear-and-tear. Not exclusively or yoga!
  • Stanley Products: Say goodbye to single use or plastic options and opt for long-lasting food storage, cups, mugs, etc.



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